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Grace Iara Souza

Grace is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, but has been sharing a passion between London and the Amazon for quite some time. Having her first training in International Relations (BA, 2006), she undertook a M.A. in Environment, Politics and Globalisation at King’s College London, obtaining a distinction in 2011. Grace’s association with UCL/ ExCitieS started while doing an internship at Mapping for Change as part of her M.A.

Grace is currently a PhD candidate at King’s Brazil Institute (KCL). Her research, sponsored by CAPES Foundation, aims to fill the gap in the existing literature by examining local inhabitant’s perceptions on the geopolitical debate of ‘global natural resource’ versus ‘national sovereignty’, giving equal weight to the three scales of dimension - international, national and local.


Global Human and Environmental Security; Global Natural Resource; Brazilian Amazon; Political Ecology; Local Perceptions.

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e-mail: grace.souza@kcl.ac.uk

Twitter: @GraceIara

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