European Studies


EUROG002 - The Making of Modern Europe

Value: 30 credits
Tutor: Dr Jeff Bowersox
Assessment: One assessed 6000 word essay/project (100%)

Module Description:

1. Europe after the Great War: States and societies between the wars (MF, JW)
2. Pre-war dictatorships (1): The Soviet Union (JW)
3. Pre-war dictatorships (2): Fascist Italy (JW)
4. Pre-war dictatorships (3): Nazi Germany (MF)
5. The impact of the Second World War on Europe (MF)
6. Displacements and reconstructions after the war: Economy and
society in West and East (JW)
7. Democracies and dictatorships in the Cold War era (1): Western
European states and societies (FRG, Italy, France, Greece, UK) (JW)
8. Democracies and dictatorships in the Cold War era (2): Eastern
European states and societies (USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, GDR) (MF)
9. After the Holocaust: Reckoning with the past in East and West (MF)
10. Reflections: Ruptures and transitions in twentieth-century Europe (MF, JW).

Please note: This module description is accurate at the time of publication. Minor amendments may be made prior to the start of the academic year.