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DocHouse Shorts: The Land Between Us

8 September 2015
Bertha DocHouse presents its first ever short film screening, beginning with a series of short documentaries that look beneath the surface of global diaspora and 'migration' to Europe More...

Starts: Sep 8, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Samuel Daniel, Poet and Historian: A Two-day Conference 

10-11 September 2015
This is the first Conference devoted to Samuel Daniel (1562-1619), and it is presented by a consortium of universities—UCL’s Centre for Early Modern Exchanges, the English Faculty at Oxford University, St John’s College Oxford, and the Royal College of Music. More...

Starts: Sep 10, 2015 12:00:00 AM

The EU Referendum: Public Information and Regulation of Campaigning

17 September 2015
Jack Vowles from Auckland, NZ, and Sara Hobolt from the LSE, join UCL's Constitution Unit to speak on the relationship between Public Information and the Campaign Regulation.  More...

Starts: Sep 17, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Greek and Latin: Hannah Arendt and the Ancients Conference

17-18 September 2015
The major twentieth-century political theorist Hannah Arendt found inspiration for her critique of modernity in antiquity. This conference brings together Classicists, Political Theorists and Arendt scholars to look both at the impact of antiquity on her work and the potential for Arendt to open new avenues for studying the ancient world.


Starts: Sep 17, 2015 12:00:00 AM

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How Philosophy Was "Whitewashed"

Publication date:


26 August 2015
 Aaron Salzer interviews Dr. Coleman explains and defends his view that, as a consequence of European enslavement of African people, philosophy in Europe has been "whitewashed."

Rosa Andújar appears on BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House

Publication date:

5 July 2015
Dr Rosa Andújar (UCL Greek & Latin) featured on BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House in July, discussing the parallels in ancient Greek literature with the current Greek economic crisis. You can hear Rosa's insights from around 12 minutes into the programme.

The great beyond: will the UK science budget be cut by 40%?

Publication date:

30 July 2015
Dr Jenny Rohn (UCL Clinical Physiology) explores the unknown future of the UK science budget ahead of the November spending review.

An open letter in response to the Historians for Britain campaign

Publication date:

27 May 2015
Prof. David Abulafia has recently argued on behalf of Historians for Britain that ''the terms of Britain's EU membership are undermining . . . Britain's values' In the open Letter signed by a number of UCL academics, including the Deputy Director of the European Institute, Professor of German History, Mary Fulbrook, challenges this narrative.

Bad marks for Sweden’s muddled teacher training in OECD report on school system

Publication date:

19 May 2015
Dr Susanne Wiborg (UCL Institute of Education) explains how a slide in Sweden's performance on international education rankings has led to calls for more reform. 

Why our ancestors were more gender equal than us

Publication date:

19 May 2015
Dr. Lucio Vinicius and Dr Andrea Migliano (both UCL Anthropology) present evidence for the view that in contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes, men and women tended to have equal influence on where their group lived and who they lived with. 

This British bill of rights could end the UK

Publication date:

15 May 2015
Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) explains how the British Bill of Rights would leave some people in the United Kingdom with more rights than others. 

Plaid Cymru wants immigration policy to address Welsh needs

Publication date:

2 April 2015
Professor Ian Preston (UCL Economics) examines Plaid Cymru’s immigration policy.

Plaid Cymru wants immigration policy to address Welsh needs

Le Pen Family Feud

Publication date:

13 April 2015
Professor Philippe Marliere (UCL SELCS) explains the significance of the feud between Front National president Marine Le Pen, and her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Europe to pull trigger on Google anti-trust charges

Publication date:

14 April 2015
Europe’s antitrust regulator  plans to file formal charges against Google Inc. for violating antitrust laws. 

Weighing the evidence for banning skinny catwalk models

Publication date:

20 March 2015
Dr. Sarah Jackson, Research Psychologist at UCL's Health Behaviour Research Centre at UCL writes on the research behind the French parliaments plan to ban unhealthily thin models from catwalks. 

UK overseas Domestic Worker Visa: Impact on Workers

Publication date:

17 March 2015
UCL Academic Dr. Virginia Mantouvalou has published research on how the 2012 UK overseas domestic worker visa has impacted on overseas domestic workers. 

The response to Charlie Hebdo and the Imperial Hangover in France

Publication date:


26 January 2015
Dr. Micheal Collins, lecturer in Modern British, Imperial and World History at UCL argues "[i]n the long run, what may help integration in France above all is not the reassertion of a universal republican monoculture, but a frank assessment of the links between France’s past and present."

Why Scandinavia is not the model for global prosperity we should all pursue

Publication date:

19 December 2014
On almost every indicator worth measuring – from public health to educational attainment and social wellbeing – the Scandinavians seem to have got things sorted. But should we all be aiming to be Norway? Indeed, is that goal even desirable?

Nobel Prize winner Professor John O'Keefe concerned over immigration policy 

Publication date:

7 October 2014
Professor John O’Keefe (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology) describes Britain’s visa system as one significant obstacle to Britain recruiting the best scientists from abroad.

Europe needs gas and Russia Needs cash 

Publication date:

15 October 2014
Dr Catalina Spataru and Professor Raimund Bleischwitz (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources) look at whether Europe’s reliance on Russia for gas and Russia’s reliance on Europe for revenue could draw them back together despite the political rhetoric following the Ukraine crisis.

In Our Time on "The life, work and reputation of Julius Caesar"

Publication date:

2 October 2014
Professor Maria Wyke (UCL Greek & Latin) joins Melvyn Bragg to discuss the life, work and reputation of Julius Caesar.

'The world will think us mad to rip up the Union'

Publication date:

15 September 2014
Dr. Michael Collins (UCL History) writes in the Herald Scotland on the distinctions between nationalism and patriotism. In particular, he questions whether it is possible to abjure nationalism but to be "patriotic" about the Union and the ideals it represents.

Controversy over European Arrest Warrant

Publication date:

Prof. Piet Eeckhout (UCL, Law), has signed a letter backing the European Arrest Warrant, in an attempt to dissuade Conservative backbenchers who plan to vote against the EAW this week. 

Hollande's presidency has been a disaster since day one - and things can only get worse

Publication date:

27 August 2014
In this piece for The Conversation, Professor Philippe Marlière (UCL SELCS) discusses the record of French president François Hollande, and his edging ever closer to the political abyss.

UMP funding scandal could derail a new Sarkozy bid for French presidency

Publication date:

19 June 2014
Professor Philippe Marlière
(UCL SELCS) looks at the effect the Bygmalion inquiry has had on Jean-François Copé and how it could influence Nicolas Sarkozy’s bid for the 2017 presidential elections.

Europe must face up to the new antisemites

Publication date:

20 June 2014
Professor Noreena Hertz, now at UCL's Office of the Vice-Provost Research, discusses the rising tide of hostility towards Jews across Europe. 

Brussels: a shifting landscape

Publication date:

18 June 2014
The UK Higher Education International Unit has just published a short policy piece by Dr Christine Reh (UCL School of Public Policy) on the recent European Parliament elections and results.

Portugal's Golden Mystery

Publication date:

28 May 2014
Professor Neill Lochery (UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies) discusses the use of Nazi gold in World War II to buy wolfram, a rare ore from Portugal.

Ukraine's election turning point?

Publication date:

25 May 2014
Dr Andrew Wilson (UCL SSSEES) explains why Ukraine's early presidential election may prove a turning point for the troubled country.

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