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The Paris attacks: how does extreme violence challenge our categories of thinking?

7 December 2015
During the past fortnight acts of extreme violence in public places in Paris and Bamako have joined recent attacks in cities from  Ankara to Beirut and Baghdad. How are we to make sense of the violent events targeting civilians in the cities we inhabit and travel to?What are their effects, on societies, individuals, victims and perpetrators? How do they threaten, not only our lives, but also our habits of thought? How do our respective academic disciplines equip or fail us in the understanding of these events? How can/must  we think them anew? More...

Starts: Dec 7, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Baroness Catherine Ashton: Reflections on the challenges of foreign policy

8 December 2015
Join the UCL Global Governance Institute and the European Institute for a lecture by Baroness Ashton, the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and First Vice President of the European Commission, from 2009 to 2014. She will reflect on the challenges of foreign policy.  More...

Starts: Dec 8, 2015 12:00:00 AM

The Refugee Crisis: Too little compassion or too much? 2015 Sakharov Debate

10 December 2015
Images of children washed up on a beach, newly erected border fences, and citizens welcoming arriving refugees in train stations have been populating our screens. They appeal to our compassion, but they also raise warnings of a populist backlash. This year’s Sakharov debate looks at Europe’s refugee crisis, and the response of the EU and its Member States to it. What remedies have been sought and why has an adequate response proved so elusive? Why and how have our various governments, and societies reacted so differently? How can one member state take in 1.5 million people and others next to none? What arguments are being made in favour of helping, or not helping, refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere? More...

Starts: Dec 10, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Thomas Piketty and Naomi Klein

14 December 2015 
Thomas Piketty is arguably the most influential writer on inequality in the world today, and Naomi Klein, 'one of the most high-profile social activists' today (Rosie Scammel, The Observer). They will encounter each other for the first time on 14 December to open the conference Socialism, Capitalism and the Alternatives: Lessons from Russia and Eastern Europe with two keynote lectures and a debate, chaired by Paul Mason. The conference is part of a series of events, workshop, and seminars celebrating the Centenary of UCL's School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES). Register now to avoid disappointment. More...

Starts: Dec 14, 2015 12:00:00 AM

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Rapid rise in diabetes linked to spread of urbanisation

Publication date:

14 November 2015
David Napier, professor of medical anthropology at UCL suggests that, by focusing on medical factors, traditional research had failed to capture “the social and cultural drivers” that made urban populations especially vulnerable to type 2 diabetes.

UK Government's energy policy 'reset' is damaging

Publication date:

18 November 2015

Professor Paul Ekins (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources) says cuts to renewables and a new programme to build more gas-fired power stations is damaging for investors and means the UK is unlikely to meet its carbon reduction targets. 

In-work benefits for migrants

Publication date:

10 November 2015
Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL CReAM) comments on David Cameron’s demand to curb EU migrants’ access to in-work benefits as part of the EU reform...

Stars of David on the headstones, shrapnel on the ground - how a generation came face-to-face with WWI

Publication date:

9 November 2015
The First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme, which is run by the UCL Institute of Education, aims to enable teachers and pupils from every state-funded secondary school in the country to develop a deeper understanding of the Great War...

1960s Cinema Going

Publication date:

8 November 2015
Patrick Glen (UCL History) discusses how studying cinema going in the 1960s can provide an impression of the decade and people’s everyday lives...

Echenique prevented from traveling to UCL EI event by UK visa rules

Publication date:

28 October 2015

Our event with Podemos architect Pablo Echenique on 26 October was cancelled as he was unable to travel to London  due to visa complications. He told the story of what happened on on the UCL EI Britain & Europe blog. The story also featured on the front page of the Times Higher magazine. UCL EI's Claudia Sternberg was also interviewed for an article on the subject in The Huffington Post.

Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing

Publication date:

1 October 2015
Dr Hannah Fry (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) tells the story of Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century countess whose work helped give rise to the modern era of computing. A BBC Four documentary.

From rockets to space toilets: unique exhibition celebrates Soviet cosmonauts

Publication date:

1 October 2015
The Science Museum's new exhibition celebrating Russia’s huge achievements in space gives us all something to treasure as space exploration wouldn’t be so advanced today without it, says Professor Andrew Coates (UCL Space & Climate Physics)

Do we need to improve security in Europe?

Publication date:

1 September 2015
Following the attempted attack on a high speed train in France, Dr Hervé Borrion (UCL Security & Crime Science) explains what this might mean for European security and train travel

Dr Victoria Solomonidis on Radio 4

Publication date:

16 September 2015
Dr Victoria Solomonidis, Teaching Fellow at CenTraS, discusses Melina Mercouri with Maggie Ayre on Radio 4's programme, Great Lives:

A walk of one’s own

Publication date:

1 September 2015
Dr Scarlett Baron (UCL English Language & Literature) steps out in Virginia Woolf's footsteps to the river Ouse and Southease, the route she would have taken most often, to the post office.

How Philosophy Was "Whitewashed"

Publication date:


26 August 2015
Aaron Salzer interviews Dr. Coleman explains and defends his view that, as a consequence of European enslavement of African people, philosophy in Europe has been "whitewashed."

Rosa Andújar appears on BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House

Publication date:

5 July 2015
Dr Rosa Andújar (UCL Greek & Latin) featured on BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House in July, discussing the parallels in ancient Greek literature with the current Greek economic crisis. You can hear Rosa's insights from around 12 minutes into the programme.

The great beyond: will the UK science budget be cut by 40%?

Publication date:

30 July 2015
Dr Jenny Rohn (UCL Clinical Physiology) explores the unknown future of the UK science budget ahead of the November spending review.

An open letter in response to the Historians for Britain campaign

Publication date:

27 May 2015
Prof. David Abulafia has recently argued on behalf of Historians for Britain that ''the terms of Britain's EU membership are undermining . . . Britain's values' In the open Letter signed by a number of UCL academics, including the Deputy Director of the European Institute, Professor of German History, Mary Fulbrook, challenges this narrative.

Bad marks for Sweden’s muddled teacher training in OECD report on school system

Publication date:

19 May 2015
Dr Susanne Wiborg (UCL Institute of Education) explains how a slide in Sweden's performance on international education rankings has led to calls for more reform. 

Why our ancestors were more gender equal than us

Publication date:

19 May 2015
Dr. Lucio Vinicius and Dr Andrea Migliano (both UCL Anthropology) present evidence for the view that in contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes, men and women tended to have equal influence on where their group lived and who they lived with. 

This British bill of rights could end the UK

Publication date:

15 May 2015
Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) explains how the British Bill of Rights would leave some people in the United Kingdom with more rights than others. 

Plaid Cymru wants immigration policy to address Welsh needs

Publication date:

2 April 2015
Professor Ian Preston (UCL Economics) examines Plaid Cymru’s immigration policy.

Plaid Cymru wants immigration policy to address Welsh needs

Le Pen Family Feud

Publication date:

13 April 2015
Professor Philippe Marliere (UCL SELCS) explains the significance of the feud between Front National president Marine Le Pen, and her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Europe to pull trigger on Google anti-trust charges

Publication date:

14 April 2015
Europe’s antitrust regulator  plans to file formal charges against Google Inc. for violating antitrust laws. 

Weighing the evidence for banning skinny catwalk models

Publication date:

20 March 2015
Dr. Sarah Jackson, Research Psychologist at UCL's Health Behaviour Research Centre at UCL writes on the research behind the French parliaments plan to ban unhealthily thin models from catwalks. 

UK overseas Domestic Worker Visa: Impact on Workers

Publication date:

17 March 2015
UCL Academic Dr. Virginia Mantouvalou has published research on how the 2012 UK overseas domestic worker visa has impacted on overseas domestic workers. 

The response to Charlie Hebdo and the Imperial Hangover in France

Publication date:


26 January 2015
Dr. Micheal Collins, lecturer in Modern British, Imperial and World History at UCL argues "[i]n the long run, what may help integration in France above all is not the reassertion of a universal republican monoculture, but a frank assessment of the links between France’s past and present."

Why Scandinavia is not the model for global prosperity we should all pursue

Publication date:

19 December 2014
On almost every indicator worth measuring – from public health to educational attainment and social wellbeing – the Scandinavians seem to have got things sorted. But should we all be aiming to be Norway? Indeed, is that goal even desirable?

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