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The Making of a European President, and What Needs to Change for 2019

11 February 2016, 5.30-7.00pm
In November 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker took office as President of the European Commission, following Europe’s first presidential campaign. The biggest change in twenty years in the way the EU decides its leadership, this new way of electing the Commission President was meant to bring the process closer to the European citizens. Yet, it has also been called a “putsch”,  organised by a small group of European politicians in a Europe in crisis. In the end, Europe's most powerful leading governments were forced to make a humiliating climb-down and accept the election of a leader they did not support, chosen by a process they opposed. More...

Starts: Feb 11, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Britain, the EU and global trade

25 February 2016, 9.30am-12.30pm
A half-day conference on the EU's trade agenda, with EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, Peter Mandelson, and a high-level panel of politicians, stakeholders, and experts. In association with Policy Network and the European Commission's Office in the UK More...

Starts: Feb 25, 2016 12:00:00 AM

The Front National and the Disappearing Gender Gap

3 March 2016
The French radical right traditionally attracted more support from men than women. While still more men than women vote for the Front National, this gender gap is closing today. Nonna Mayer, emerita Research Professor at Science Po Paris, is one of the foremost experts on the Front National. She will explore this trend and look into why this is happening. Co-hosted by the European Institute and the Political Studies Association (PSA), her talk will be the inaugural PSA French Politics Annual Lecture.  More...

Starts: Mar 3, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Brexit Divisions I: What you ought to know about EU referendums and the UK debate

8 March 2016, 3.00-7.30pm
As the campaigns on Brexit are heating up, this event brings the leaders of the Stronger in and Vote Leave campaigns together with campaign analysts and activists from the UK and other EU referendums elsewhere. They will be looking at how and when referendum campaigns can shift public opinion, providing practical guidance, critical analysis, and comment. What arguments, stories, images or campaign strategies may shape the way people make sense of EU membership and the choice at hand? How will the political language framing the referendum be decisive in shaping the debate? What might be the decisive turning points in the debate, blind spots, or core assumptions? What lessons can be learned from previous referendums, or from scholarship about political behaviour? What is the role of facts in shaping people’s ideas? More...

Starts: Mar 8, 2016 12:00:00 AM

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UCL in the Press

Tomas Sedlacek: The Economics of Good and Evil

Publication date:

26 January 2016
Evan Davis interviews the Czech economist, Tomas Sedlacek, on the economics of good and evil as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations for UCL SSEES. 

UK universities ‘should provide targeted support for refugee students’

Publication date:

25 January 2016
A new paper by Dr Georgina Brewis (UCL Institute of Education) suggests that universities could play a pivotal role in tackling the Syrian refugee crisis and that a sector-wide approach to supporting refugees would be more effective than individual schemes

The cyber-attack on Ukraine’s power grid is a warning of what’s to come

Publication date:

18 January 2016
Professor Steve Hailes and PhD candidate, Nilufer Tuptuk (both UCL Computer Science) explain why the cyber-attack that brought down a city's power supply in Ukraine is a cautionary tale for what lies ahead.

Germany and Refugees

Publication date:

18 January 2016
Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL CReAM) explains some of the challenges faced by Germany as a result of refugee migration

Dutch lead European push to flip journals to open access

Publication date:

8 January 2016
Dr Paul Ayris (UCL Library Services) says steps taken by the Association of Universities in the Netherlands are “great step forward to an Open Access world”.

A lasting legacy to the First World War

Publication date:

7 January 2016
The First World War Centenary Battlefields Tour, a free school programme run by the UCL Institute of Education, continues this year, with thousands of students having already taken part.

Britain facing steeper emissions cuts

Publication date:

14 December 2015, The Times (£)
Professor Simon Lewis (UCL Geography) said: “To meet a target of well below 2C above pre-industrial levels will require leaving the vast majority of fossil fuel reserves in the ground”

Paris climate deal: reaction from the experts

Publication date:

13 December 2015
Even if this agreement is accepted in Paris, plenty of opportunities remain for governments to change and for legislatures to fail to ratify. It will be particularly difficult to deal with the US Congress. Ilan Kelman, UCL

Paris climate deal 'our best chance to save the planet', says Obama

Publication date:

13 December 2015
“Time will reveal the true nature of the Paris Agreement. From epic turning point, to naïve expression of hope, it is the real-world actions that follow that will decide,” said Professor Chris Rapley, a leading climate scientist from UCL.

Rapid rise in diabetes linked to spread of urbanisation

Publication date:

14 November 2015
David Napier, professor of medical anthropology at UCL suggests that, by focusing on medical factors, traditional research had failed to capture “the social and cultural drivers” that made urban populations especially vulnerable to type 2 diabetes.

UK Government's energy policy 'reset' is damaging

Publication date:

18 November 2015
Professor Paul Ekins (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources) says cuts to renewables and a new programme to build more gas-fired power stations is damaging for investors and means the UK is unlikely to meet its carbon reduction targets. 

In-work benefits for migrants

Publication date:

10 November 2015
Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL CReAM) comments on David Cameron’s demand to curb EU migrants’ access to in-work benefits as part of the EU reform...

Stars of David on the headstones, shrapnel on the ground - how a generation came face-to-face with WWI

Publication date:

9 November 2015
The First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme, which is run by the UCL Institute of Education, aims to enable teachers and pupils from every state-funded secondary school in the country to develop a deeper understanding of the Great War...

1960s Cinema Going

Publication date:

8 November 2015
Patrick Glen (UCL History) discusses how studying cinema going in the 1960s can provide an impression of the decade and people’s everyday lives...

Echenique prevented from traveling to UCL EI event by UK visa rules

Publication date:

28 October 2015

Our event with Podemos architect Pablo Echenique on 26 October was cancelled as he was unable to travel to London  due to visa complications. He told the story of what happened on on the UCL EI Britain & Europe blog. The story also featured on the front page of the Times Higher magazine. UCL EI's Claudia Sternberg was also interviewed for an article on the subject in The Huffington Post.

Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing

Publication date:

1 October 2015
Dr Hannah Fry (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) tells the story of Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century countess whose work helped give rise to the modern era of computing. A BBC Four documentary.

From rockets to space toilets: unique exhibition celebrates Soviet cosmonauts

Publication date:

1 October 2015
The Science Museum's new exhibition celebrating Russia’s huge achievements in space gives us all something to treasure as space exploration wouldn’t be so advanced today without it, says Professor Andrew Coates (UCL Space & Climate Physics)

Do we need to improve security in Europe?

Publication date:

1 September 2015
Following the attempted attack on a high speed train in France, Dr Hervé Borrion (UCL Security & Crime Science) explains what this might mean for European security and train travel

Dr Victoria Solomonidis on Radio 4

Publication date:

16 September 2015
Dr Victoria Solomonidis, Teaching Fellow at CenTraS, discusses Melina Mercouri with Maggie Ayre on Radio 4's programme, Great Lives:

A walk of one’s own

Publication date:

1 September 2015
Dr Scarlett Baron (UCL English Language & Literature) steps out in Virginia Woolf's footsteps to the river Ouse and Southease, the route she would have taken most often, to the post office.

How Philosophy Was "Whitewashed"

Publication date:


26 August 2015
Aaron Salzer interviews Dr. Coleman explains and defends his view that, as a consequence of European enslavement of African people, philosophy in Europe has been "whitewashed."

Rosa Andújar appears on BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House

Publication date:

5 July 2015
Dr Rosa Andújar (UCL Greek & Latin) featured on BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House in July, discussing the parallels in ancient Greek literature with the current Greek economic crisis. You can hear Rosa's insights from around 12 minutes into the programme.

The great beyond: will the UK science budget be cut by 40%?

Publication date:

30 July 2015
Dr Jenny Rohn (UCL Clinical Physiology) explores the unknown future of the UK science budget ahead of the November spending review.

An open letter in response to the Historians for Britain campaign

Publication date:

27 May 2015
Prof. David Abulafia has recently argued on behalf of Historians for Britain that ''the terms of Britain's EU membership are undermining . . . Britain's values' In the open Letter signed by a number of UCL academics, including the Deputy Director of the European Institute, Professor of German History, Mary Fulbrook, challenges this narrative.

Bad marks for Sweden’s muddled teacher training in OECD report on school system

Publication date:

19 May 2015
Dr Susanne Wiborg (UCL Institute of Education) explains how a slide in Sweden's performance on international education rankings has led to calls for more reform. 

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