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Upcoming Events

Early Modern Exchanges: Launch Conference
15-17 September 2011
The UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges holds its launch event this month, supported by the European Institute. Over 120 speakers speak on subjects ranging from the foreign correspondence of Queen Elizabeth I, over European court music to journeys in the Ottoman Empire.
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EU Citizenship - problems, potential, policy
1 November 2011
Since the late 1990s, rulings by the European Court of Justice have transformed the legal standing of EU citizenship. For some, this is the sign of a positive institutional change that gives expression to the potential of EU citizenship; for others, it is a top-down process, which undermines national rights of social and industrial citizenship without offsetting these with strong EU-level rights. Join us for an evening panel discussion with the Belgian Embassy in London.
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New Media Gallery
Visit our website to view film recordings from lectures, panel discussions and performances, including the full proceedings of our conference on "EU Citizenship and the Market" (June 2011) and the public panel discussion on "Human Rights Courts in Europe" (May 2011). We have also added still images of some of our many events.
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UCL News

Public Engagement Symposium
You are invited to attend a symposium on Public Engagement in the Arts and Humanities, on the afternoon of Wednesday 26th October 2011. UCL's Public Engagement Unit have asked staff and students to present the ways in which they have shared their research and teaching with people outside academia.
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  The European Institute is UCL's new hub for research, collaboration and information on Europe and the EU. The Institute supports specialised research across UCL, provides a leading forum for debate and serves as liaison to policy-makers, civil society and the media.
Newsletter - Issue 8

September 2011
Welcome back to the European Institute Newsletter!

After the summer break - and what an eventful summer it was for all things European - we are back with a range of new resources and the first items already in place for our events programme 2011-12. Have a look at our featured commentaries on the Eurozone crisis and more broadly, a crisis of liberalism in Europe, as well as our first working paper by Professor Bo Stråth, with a historical perspective on European integration. Our events programme for the academic year will start in November 2011 - watch this space for further details!

  10 Questions about the Eurozone Crisis and whether it can be solved
Professor Wendy Carlin (UCL Economics)

In this piece, Professor Carlin analyses the current crisis by setting out and answering 10 key questions about the roots, development and characteristic of the crisis. She outlines three possible policy scenarios and concludes that the unwillingness of policy-makers to recognize the on-going role of the banks in the crisis and the benefits of a pan-European solution worsens both the economics and the politics of the situation.

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Resources & Commentaries
Bo Stråth: Still the Europe of Milward?
Read the Institute's first commissioned Working Paper. Taking its point of departure from the work of British historian Alan Milward, the paper discusses key problems of the mainstream view on the EU’s past. It looks at the de-historicisation of Milward’s theory in the political sciences and attempts a historicisation of several central issues, including the democratic deficit and legitimacy, before conextualising the history of European integration within wider global developments.

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  A Liberal Crisis in Europe?
Liberal ideas form the common currency of all political parties, at least in the West. Yet, are we witnessing a crisis of liberal values? Liberal economics is challenged by the continued volatility of financial markets, liberal politics by riots at home and war abroad, liberal tolerance by the continuing and even growing appeal of racism and the extreme right. Read the commentary by Richard Bellamy, Director of the European Institute and UCL Professor of Political Science.
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  European Healthcare
Download a range of resources from our Future of Healthcare in Europe conference, now edited and published online. In particular, read the three commissioned thought pieces by Prof Sir Michael Marmot (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health), Prof Albert Weale and Dr Sarah Clarke (UCL Public Policy) and Prof Jonathan Wolff (UCL Philosophy). Other resources include conference presentations and the accompanying booklet edited by the Finnish Institute in London. A publication including a policy brief is forthcoming.

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