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Research without Frontiers
22-23 June 2011
This international conference will discuss inter-university cooperation in East European area studies. It is organised by the Centre for East European Language-Based Area Studies (CEELBAS), an innovative collaboration led by UCL SSEES,
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Just Democracy
6 June 2011
Philippe van Parijs, one of the world's leading political philosophers, will discuss his latest book in this event, co-organised by the European Institute and the Belgian Embassy. With UCL discussants, he will argue that the purpose of democracy should be to promote justice - we need not just democracy (in the sense of unqualified democracy) but a just democracy.
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Intercultural Knowledge Transfer
15 June 2011
This workshop investigates the role of culture and knowledge transfer between the Mediterranean culture of late antiquity and emerging Islam, Jewish-Islamic cultural transfer, and instances of knowledge transfer from Islamic sources to Jewish communities. It is the the Institute's last event in its annual thematic cycle on Europe and Islam.
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EU Citizenship and the Market
17 June 2011

Save the date: this one-day conference is the closing element of our six-month project, in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in London, which aimed to examine rights and identities of European citizens. A full programme and registration details will be online soon.
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  The European Institute is UCL's new hub for research, collaboration and information on Europe and the EU. The Institute supports specialised research across UCL, provides a leading forum for debate and serves as liaison to policy-makers, civil society and the media.
Newsletter - Issue 6

May 2011

(Post) Yugoslav Film Festival
31 May & 1 June
To commemorate the great Yugoslav actor Bekim Fehmiu, we co-organize with the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies a two-day festival of (post) Yugoslav cinema. Events include premiere screenings and debates with some of the most famous Yugoslav film directors as well as rising film-makers from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. Can film making be peace making and how are films now made across borders?
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Lessons from the Eurozone Crisis
9 June 2011
Two former Economic and Finance Ministers from Greece and France and a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, among others, will discuss the lessons that may be drawn from the Eurozone's crisis. Chaired by the Deputy Editor of the Financial Times, the discussion will also centre on the efforts to reform the Eurozone's system of governance and whether a more or less supranational institutional set-up is desirable.
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Upcoming events

The EU's Danube Strategy
26 May 2011

Jointly organised with the Embassy of Hungary, this panel discussion will examine the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, a priority for the current Hungarian presidency of the European Council. The panel comprises policy-makers, EU officials and UCL academics, and aims to discuss the details and challenges of the strategy in the light of wider developments in the region.

Islamic Communities in Europe
27 May 2011
The relations between Europe and Islam are often portrayed as inherently antagonistic. This panel brings together three scholars to discuss how the relationship may be analysed beyond conventional oppositions. The panelists explore the representation of Islamic communities in South-East Europe, the former Soviet Union and by the EU, and the policies that are being developed towards them.

Pilgrimage in a Changing Europe
2 June 2011

Sign up to the open discussion session on Pilgrimage, Travel and Tourism in European and Global Contexts. Speakers will consider not only the social and cultural dimensions of the relationship between pilgrimage and tourism across the European region and beyond, but also the business of organising and leading pilgrimage tours.

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