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The European Institute is UCL's new hub for research, collaboration and information on Europe and the EU. The Institute supports specialised research across UCL, provides a leading forum for debate and serves as liaison to policy-makers, civil society and the media.

Newsletter - Issue 14
March 2012


Presentations from EU Careers Event
Stream the film and download two powerpoint presentations from the UCL European Institute organised EU careers event, which was held on 6 March this year, part of the International Careers Week at UCL.
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EI now on Facebook and YouTube
With an events calender, a photo and video gallery and other resources, see (and 'like'!) our new Facebook profile - an interactive space, where we welcome your contributions. Videos will soon alsobe accessible on our youtube channel.
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More upcoming events

Target: Heydrich
March-June 2012
Organized with the Czech Centre London, Harvill Secker, the Institut Français, the Wiener Library and the UCL Centre for the Study of Central Europe, this series commemorates the 70th anniversary of the assassination of "Reichs-protektor" Heydrich by Czechoslovak parachutists, planned by the government in exile in London, through the lenses of documentary film, military history, a French novel and a British detective story.

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Honouring the Righteous
24 April 2012
Join us for the screening of the documentary film The Righteous Enemy, about the Italian protection of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Directed by Joseph Rochlitz andbased on the story of his father Imre Rochlitz, it will be followed by the presentation of the latter's recent book Accident of Fate. Author and director will be present.
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Slave-ownership in Europe
27 April 2012
Supported by the Institute, this one-day workshop will bring together scholars from across Europe to think through 18th and 19th-century slave-ownership from a comparative perspective. Encouraging dialogue between scholars working on the British, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German or Dutch empires, it aims to address the European dynamics of slave-ownership.

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Policy Statement on Cultural Heritage Research in Europe
March 2012
UCLhas contributed to setting the European research agenda relating to cultural heritage and global change. A UCL-led workshop held in December 2011 resulted in the Declaration on the Joint Programming Initiative 'Cultural Heritage and Global Change: A New Challenge for Europe' (The UCL Declaration). It was drafted by Professor May Cassar (UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage) and Dr Uta Staiger (UCL European Institute) on behalf of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Read an introduction and download the declaration as well as an annex from our website.


Featured Event

Bailing out Politics: EU Democracy and Legitimacy in Crisis?
30 April 2012
Hosted by the Ambassador of Belgium, and with the Centre for European Reform and the Policy Network, we will discuss the ramifications of the current debt crisis for the basis on which the Member States and the Union found their democratic and constitutional principles. The debate about the EU's democratic accountability and legitimacy deficit is far from new. Yet in the current context, it has arguably reached a qualitatively different stage. Join us for a public panel discussion, which follows a closed workshop with academics and policy-makers.

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Upcoming Events
UCL European Institute

The French Presidential Elections
16 April 2012
Co-hosted with London-based research andadvisory group
Counterpoint, this panel discussion with speakers from the media, think tanks and academia will examine politics and populism in France's upcoming presidential elections. Marking a period of political and economic instability in Europe, these will provide one of the first major tests of right-wing populism since the debt crisis struck. Will Marine Le Pen's strategy of 'de-demonising' the Front National be successful? How will her presence influence political debate? And how will it affect wider European politics?
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UCL European Institute

Rousseau300: Nature, Self and State

19-21 April 2012
2012 sees the tercentenary of the birth of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), one of the most influential, best known, but perhaps little understood European authors of all times. Under the title Rousseau 300: Nature, Self, and State, the UCL History Department, with the support among others of the UCL European Institute, has organised a series of events aimed at a comprehensive re-evaluation of Rousseau's enduring legacy, including an international conference, an exhibition and rare performances of an opera written and composed by Rousseau
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UCL European Institute

The Future of Poetry: Conferénce-Débat II
9 May 2012
Is poetry merely a minority leisure activity, or can it still claim to be, as it was for Milton and Wordsworth, a means of understanding the world unrivalled both in its scope and its complexity? With so many new media changing the ways in which we produce and consume texts of all kinds, what is the future of poetry? Mark Ford (UCL) and Jerôme Game (AUP), both university professors as well as published poets, will be in conversation in this second of a new Conferénce-Débat Series dedicated to the Humanities, jointly hosted with the Embassy of France.
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UCL European Institute

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