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EU membership and UK Science

12 May 2016
The science and research community in the UK is one of the strongest in the world, even as it faces growing international competition since the 1970s. During that time, the UK has also been engaged in European integration. But is there a connection between EU membership and the performance of UK science and research? More...

Starts: May 12, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Concepts of Passions and Politics

3 June 2016
Looking at specific situations of political action, this international workshop - part of our Passionate Politics projects - will explore how the passions are linked to politics in theories, languages, symbolic systems, and vocabularies.

Starts: Jun 3, 2016 12:00:00 AM

UCL European Institute


ESSEC IRENE Summer Program

Publication date:

19 April 2016
ESSEC IRENE – Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation has the pleasure to organise a two-week summer school entitled "European Negotiation Program
The EU at the Crossroads?" from  4th to 16th of July 2016 in Paris.

UCL Grand Challenges 2021

Publication date:

UCL Grand Challenges logo

7 April 2016
Find out more about the next five years of UCL Grand Challenges.  Learn about our two new Grand Challenges; Transformative Technology and Justice and Equality. Hear how you can get involved and ask your questions about the future of this exciting cross-disciplinary programme.

Special seminar series on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union

Publication date:

15 March 2016
We have teamed up with the Constitution Unit to hold a special series of seminars on the constitutional implications of Brexit in the run-up to the referendum.

ESSEC Summer School

Publication date:

10 March 2016
ESSEC IRENE – Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation has the pleasure to organise a two-week summer school entitled "European Negotiation Program. The EU at the Crossroads?" from  4th to 16th of July 2016 in Paris. The deadline for applications is 30 May 2016.

Special Issue 'National Parliaments and the Politicization of European Integration'
Guest editors: Richard Bellamy & Sandra Kröger

Publication date:

7 March 2016
The European Institute's former director, Prof Richard Bellamy, has guest edited a special issue journal on "National Parliaments and the Politicization of European Integration" with Dr Sandra Kröger.

Call for Papers Food, Drink and Civilization, International Conference to be held at UCL 21-22 September 2016

Publication date:

7 March 2016
CREDOC are pleased to invite proposals for papers at an international and cross-disciplinary conference on food and drink to be held on 21-22 September 2016.

What Europe Means to Me

Publication date:


March 2016
On 24 March we are launching our #MyEuropeMeans campaign in partnership with MyLifeMySay, the UK’s influential youth engagement organisation. With this campaign we want to provide a counterweight to mere cost-benefit calculations in the debate on EU membership. Europe, and the UK’s membership in the EU, is about more than just politics. It’s about who we are, and who we want to be, as individuals and as peoples.

Dame Nicola Brewer to partake in debate about the significance of Brexit on HE

Publication date:

23 February 2016
Dame Nicola Brewer, UCL's Vice Provost (International), will participate in an roundtable discussion on the potential impact of Brexit on European Higher Education, (Debate: The UK EU Referendum: would a Brexit matter to European Higher Education). The event will take place at The University of London Institute in Paris.

Pop-Up display: Jews and Photography in Britain

Publication date:

22 February 2016
To mark Jewish Book Week, visit the UCL Art Museum on 26 February for a specially curated Pop-Up display by Professor Michael Berkowitz. Professor Berkowitz's new book Jews and Photography in Britain is the first-ever historical investigation of its type, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century and closing with the Queen's controversial photo-shoot with Annie Leibovitz in 2007.

Brexit Divisions: event series and openDemocracy guest weeks

Publication date:


15 February 2016
This March, we are bringing together leaders of the UK's Stronger In and Vote Leave campaigns, as well as analysts, academics and activists, in order to examine how campaigns can influence how people think and vote in referendums. On 08 March,  Brexit Divisions I the UK's current Brexit campaigns and the lessons we can learn from previous EU referendums in other countries. During Brexit Divisions II on 22 March, our focal point will be migration, probably the one core issue swaying voters. Want more? We are also guest editing two weeks' worth of articles with openDemocracy 7- 11 and 21-25 March.

Small Research Grants for Projects Relating to Social Integration

Publication date:

11 February 2016
The Institute of Advanced Studies has teamed up with The Challenge, regarded as the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society, to provide seed funding for projects concerned with social integration. A total of £30,000 is available, although it is unlikely that any individual award of more than £15,000 will be funded. The funding can be used for any purpose that would advance the research, and is aimed at A&H, SHS and SSEES academic staff.

Research Assistant with the Constitution Unit

Publication date:

11 February 2016
Looking for part time work? A vacancy is on offer at the Constitution Unit. The closing date for applications is 5pm, Monday 22 February 2016.

Policy Network: Job Opportunity

Publication date:

9 February 2016
There are two vacancies currently on offer at the international think tank, Policy Network. Policy Network is a leading international thinktank and political network based in London.

EU referendum: 'Brexit' poses huge risk to Britain's countryside, experts warn

Publication date:

27 January 2016
Professor Paul Ekins (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources) has voiced concerns that Britain’s exit from the EU would lessen the UK’s voice in tackling global environmental concerns.

MPs want more teachers to be trained to educate pupils about the Holocaust

Publication date:

25 February 2016
More than 6000 teachers have taken part in training programmes run by the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education.

Migration Issues

Publication date:

25 February 2016
Professor John Salt (UCL Geography) explains the main migration issues faced by European leaders this week.

Missed Thomas Piketty & Naomi Klein?

Publication date:

17 December 2015
Thomas Piketty and Naomi Klein were our guests on Monday 14 December to open the SSEES Centenary Conference Socialism, Capitalism and the Alternatives. In their first encounter, Piketty spoke about inequality in the 21st century, and Klein about the twin crises of capitalism and climate, and the Paris climate agreement. Piketty appeared on BBC Newsnight on the same night. You can watch this on the BBC IPlayer, or this full, uncut version of his interview. Klein gave an interview to Owen Bennett for the Huffington Post. On Twitter, the conference hashtag #SSEES100 trended for several hours. You can retrace the keynotes and debate as they were reflected here on Storify or via the most popular tweets.

SSEES Centenary: Socialism, Capitalism, and the Alternatives

Publication date:

16 December 2014
The UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies concluded this year's series of Centenary events with the Conference on Socialism, Capitalism and the Alternatives: Lessons from Russia and Eastern Europe. This blog gives an insight into the richness and breadth of the papers presented over the course of the three days of the conference.

FRINGE: the latest addition to IAS

Publication date:

3rd December 2015
The latest addition to UCL's Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) is the FRINGE centre: the centre for the study of social & cultural complexity.

Call for Proposals: Collaborative Science & Technology Workshops at UCL sponsored by French Embassy

Publication date:

1 October 2015
UCL and the French Embassy have collaborated since 2012 in support of an annual series of workshops with a Science and/or Technology focus. The workshop series is one of two joint initiatives between UCL Grand Challenges and the French Embassy Science & Technology department, the other being an annual series of Conference-Débat lectures, established 2010, on big cross-disciplinary topics, with speakers from UCL and research institutions in France. Deadline: 26 October 2015

Baroness Catherine Ashton to speak at UCL

Publication date:

Catherine Ashton

9 September 2015
The UCL European Institute and UCL Global Governance Institute are pleased to announce they will host Baroness Catherine Ashton for a talk at UCL on 8th December 2015. 

Registration open for Piketty & Klein 

Publication date:

SSEES Centenary Conference

26 October 2015

You can now register for our event, on 14 December, with Thomas Piketty and Naomi Klein. As guests of UCL's European Institute and School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), they will open the SSEES Centenary conference Socialism, Capitalism and the Alternatives: Lessons from Russia and Eastern Europe. Other keynote speakers include Chantal Mouffe, Leszek Balcerowicz, Tomáš Sedláček, Paul Mason, and many more.

UCL-Institut Français du Royaume-Uni funded humanities workshops

Publication date:


18 August 2015 -- DEADLINE 30 September --
Proposals are invited for funding for workshops between UCL and French academics, specifically focusing on research in the humanities, broadly conceived. The UCL-Institut Français du Royaume-Uni partnership in the humanities aims to encourage junior and senior scholars to establish new directions for possible research collaborations – not only in their own areas of expertise, but also across disciplines. 

Universities for Europe: Why is European Union membership important to British Universities?

Publication date:


3 August 2015
Why is European Union membership important to British Universities? In this video, produced by Universities UK, Chuka Umunna MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills), the Rt Hon Damian Green MP (Chairman of Conservative European Mainstream) and Professor Michael Arthur (President & Provost of UCL) answer this question.

The Greek Crisis: Comments & Analysis

Publication date:

7 July 2015
For a range of views on the current Greek crisis, we would like to invite you to view a new blog which features contributions by academics and experts.

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