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UCL European Institute

EU Careers 2012 EU2014-19: New Faces, Old Problems? nationalism    
EU and European Careers Event 2014
21 March 2014
EU 2014-2019: New Faces, Old Problems
2 October 2014 
History and Nationalism: Spain and Catalonia in a comparative context 
23 October 2014
IF-UCL Jewry Alumnia Karel de Gucht   Slavery
Lost worlds of Eastern European Jewry: images and narratives
22 January 2014
Joaquín Almunia on Competition in Financial Markets
6 February 2014
Karel de Gucht
EU Trade Commissioner speaks on EU-US trade negotiations
21 February 2014
  Legacies of European Colonial Slavery
12 March 2014
ERBD Zizek Sakharov   Joanna Rajkowska

Stuck in Transition'? The ERBD Transition Report 2013
26 November 2013
'Slavoj Žižek and Srećko Horvat: What Does Europe Want?
26 November 2013
Sakharov Debate:
Promoting LGBT rights at home & abroad: the role of the European Union
6 December 2013
  Where the Beast is Buried - Joanna Rajkowska in conversation
15 January 2013
Eurocrisis Cat_EU thumbnail EP2014   Irit Amiel
SelThe Eurozone Crisis and the Democratic Deficit.
June 2013
f-Determination Processes in the EU. The Case of Catalonia.
October 2013
Is This Time Different? EP Elections 2014
October 2013
  Remembering, re-writing, re-telling… The poetry of Irit Amiel
7 November 2013
Corruption Populism Christian Jeorges   TE meets NSE
Global Corruption
May 2013
The Springs of Populism in Europe
May 2013
Europe's Constitutional Form
Christian Joerges
May 2013
  Transition Economics Meets New Structural Economics
June 2013
Gordon Bajnai Careers 2013 eMigrating Landscapes 1   Seyla Benhabib
Gordon Bajnai
March 2013
EU & European Careers
March 2013

eMigrating Landscapes 2
The New Europeans? 
March 2013
  Dignity in Adversity: A workshop with Seyla Benhabib
March 2013
Melenchon Dr Christine Reh Referendum   eMigrating Landscapes 1
Jean-Luc Mélenchon:
For an alternative to austerity in Europe
December 2012
Dr Christine Reh on Cameron's EU Speech
January 2013
What Place for the Referendum in the UK?
February 2013
  eMigrating Landscapes 1
Exhausted Geographies
March 2013

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