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Part of our conference, Transmission of a Troubled Past: Between the Personal and the Professional  Prof. Rebecca Whittmann explains how a historians familial and personal backgrounds can add to his/her reporting of events.  

marci-shore aron-sach History and Nationalism    
Shore: A Troubled Past
19 December 2014
Sachs: A Troubled Past
19 December 2014
History and Nationalism
23 October 2014
EU2014-19: New Faces, Old Problems? EU Careers 2012 Slavery    
EU 2014-2019: New Faces, Old Problems
2 October 2014
EU and European Careers Event 2014
21 March 2014
Legacies of European Colonial Slavery
12 March 2014
Karel de Gucht

Alumnia IF-UCL Jewry    

Karel de Gucht
EU Trade Commissioner on EU-US Trade Negotiations

21 February 2014

Joaquín Almunia on Competition in Financial Markets
6 February 2014

Lost worlds of Eastern European Jewry: images and narratives
22 January 2014

ERBD Zizek Sakharov Joanna Rajkowska
Stuck in Transition'? The ERBD Transition Report 2013
26 November 2013
'Slavoj Žižek and Srećko Horvat: What Does Europe Want?
26 November 2013
3rd Sakharov Debate:
Promoting LGBT rights: the role of the EU

6 December 2013
Where the Beast is Buried - Joanna Rajkowska in conversation
15 January 2013
Eurocrisis Cat_EU thumbnail EP2014 Irit Amiel
The Eurozone Crisis and the Democratic Deficit
June 2013
Self-Determination Processes in the EU. The Case of Catalonia
October 2013
Is This Time Different? EP Elections 2014
October 2013
Remembering, re-writing, re-telling… The poetry of Irit Amiel
7 November 2013
Corruption Populism Christian Jeorges TE meets NSE  
Global Corruption
May 2013
The Springs of Populism in Europe
May 2013
Christian Joerges: Europe's Constitutional Form
May 2013
Transition Economics Meets New Structural Economics
June 2013
Gordon Bajnai Careers 2013 eMigrating Landscapes 1 Seyla Benhabib  
Gordon Bajnai
March 2013
EU & European Careers
March 2013

eMigrating Landscapes 2: The New Europeans? 
March 2013
Dignity in Adversity: A workshop with Seyla Benhabib
March 2013
Melenchon Dr Christine Reh Referendum eMigrating Landscapes 1  
Jean-Luc Mélenchon:
For an alternative to austerity in Europe

December 2012
Dr Christine Reh on Cameron's EU Speech
January 2013
What Place for the Referendum in the UK?
February 2013
eMigrating Landscapes 1: Exhausted Geographies
March 2013


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