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The Dilemmas of European Decision-making and the Illegitimacy of the Fiscal Compact

EU decision-making assumes agreement at two levels: the national and the European. The dilemma highlighted by the crisis is how to make collective EU decisions acceptable not just to the 28 governments and MEPs but also to each of the peoples they represent. This problem cannot be resolved by either taking problematic decisions out of the political domain or confining them to decision-making purely at the EU level.
Prof Richard Bellamy
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Starts: Feb 26, 2014 12:00:00 AM

From Sick Man of Europe to Economic Superstar

New research suggests that economic policy played no essential role in the dramatic resurgence of Germany’s economy, with important lessons for Europe.
Prof Christian Dustmann et.al.
February 2014 More...

Starts: Feb 5, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Horizon 2020 Launches! What Can We Expect?

After many months of plans, news and social media chatter, the EU’s new “Horizon 2020” programme for investing €70 billion* in science and innovation from 2014-2020, has launched. The first calls are now online and UCL plans to be at the forefront of participation.
Dr Michael Galsworthy
January 2014

Starts: Jan 7, 2014 12:00:00 AM

UCL European Institute


See here for a range of European Institute produced publications, all downloadable free of charge form the website. They include in-house edited volumes of short articles, as well as discussion papers and article-length working papers from UCL and external scholars specialising on Europe and the European Union. Often, these will have grown out of, or provide input into, public panel discussions and workshops organised by the Institute.

 Britain & Europe: Policy Briefs / 2013-14

Author: Eleni Frantziou

ed. by Uta Staiger and Sarah Chaytor

These briefs are part of the year-long project Britain & Europe, run with UCL Laws and the UCL Institute for Human Rights, which examines the relationship between the United Kingdom and both the EU and the Council of Europe. Topics will include: Referendum (EU Act 2011), European Convention of Human Rights, Single Market.

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The Eurozone Crisis and the Democratic Deficit / October 2013

ed. by Richard Bellamy and Uta Staiger

This publication is part of the project “Reconnect: Citizens, institutions and democracy after the Eurozone crisis” (2012-13), co-funded by the European Commission.

With contributions by Richard Bellamy, Francis Cheneval,
Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Ulrike Guérot, Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Philippe van Parijs and Andrew Walton.

21 pages
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Working Paper 4 / September 2012

Dr Sandra Kroger (Marie Curie Fellow, University of Exeter)

Interdisciplinary Views on Political Representation in the EU

124 pages
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 Working Paper 3 / June 2012


Professor Giandomenico Majone (European University Institute)

Rethinking European Integration after the Debt Crisis

34 pages
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EU Citizenship and the Market/ December 2011

ed. by Richard Bellamy and Uta Staiger

The bulk of rights that come with EU citizenship are still related to the internal market. Are Union citizens therefore defined above all as consumers, workers or producers, rather than as politically empowered citizens? Is the increasing expansion of this “market citizenship” through ECJ rulings even undermining social solidarity? Or could these rights, which allow European citizens to move to and settle in another Member States, lead them to identify more closely with their fellow Europeans?

With contributions by Rainer Bauböck, Richard Bellamy, Christian Joppke, Dora Kostakopoulou, Dimitry Kochenov, madeleine kennedy-macfoy, Uta Staiger. Foreword by Jonathan Scheele.

30 pages
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Event Report: Economic and Political Reform in South East Europe/ December 2011

Edited by Rudi Guraziu and Epidamn Zeqo (IBDE), this report summarises the presentations and discussions made at the EU-Balkans Ambassadorial Roundtable, organised by the Institute with IBDE in November 2011. Speakers included Professor Slavo Radosevic (UCL SSEES), Peter Sanfey (EBRD), Laza Kekic (Economist Intelligence Unit), Dr Eric Gordy (UCL SSEES), Dr Marko Hoare (Kingston University).

20 pages
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 Working Paper 2/November 2011

Professor Richard Bellamy (UCL), Dr Sandra Kröger (Exeter)

The EU Hits Home - The Domestic Deficits of Representative Democracy in EU Affair.

24 pages
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 Working Paper 1/September 2011

Professor Bo Stråth (University of Helsinki)

Still the Europe of Milward? On the Need for a New Long-Term Historical Understanding of Today’s Europe.

33 pages
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 The Future of Healthcare in Europe/ August 2011

ed. by Sarah Chaytor and Uta Staiger

European governments face a growing number of major health challenges, which are putting unprecedented pressures on public health systems. These include those posed by an ageing population; the rise of mental health problems across age groups and social strata; and the effects of chronic diseases fuelled by environmental and socioeconomic factors as well as increasingly by lifestyle. The distributive ethic of European healthcare is likely to be increasingly tested as demands on healthcare provision and access for high-quality care increase and cost pressures intensify.

With contributions by Albert Weale, Jonathan Wolff, Michael Marmot. Foreword by John Tooke.

54 pages
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