European Culture & Thought


EUROG004 - Topics in Cultural Studies: The City

Value: 30 credits

Term: 1

Convenor: Dr Tessa Hauswedell

Assessment: One assessed 6000 word essay/project (100%)

Course Description:

This course offers an interdisciplinary and comparative study of ways in which the City has been understood and culturally represented in modernity and will draw on a variety of sources spanning from the nineteenth up to the twenty-first century. The representation of the city will be approached through various mediums; the ‘everyday’ discourse of newspapers and magazines, through novels, photography and films. The first part of the course will introduce key issues, major debates and changing terminologies surrounding the European metropoles and major cites from the late nineteenth century onwards, whereas the second half will engage with how writers, artists, photographers and filmmakers have depicted the city

Introductory and background reading:

  • Georg Simmel, ‘The metropolis and mental life’ in The Blackwell City Reader ed. by Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson, 2002, pp. 11-19
  • Louis Wirth, ‘Urbanism as a way of life’ in The City Reader ed. by Richard T. LeGates and Frederic Stout, 2007, pp. 90-98
  • Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson, eds, The Blackwell City Reader, 2002
  • Richard T. LeGates and Frederic Stout, eds, The City Reader, 2007
  • Anthony D King (ed), Re-Presenting the City: Ethnicity, Capital and Culture in the 21st Century Metropolis, 1996
  • Desmond Harding, Writing the City: Urban Visions and Literary Modernism, 2002
  • Burton Pike, The Image of the City in Modern Literature, 1981
  • Mary Ann Caws (ed), City Images. Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy and Film, 1991
  • Maria Balshaw and Liam Kennedy, Urban space and representation, 2000
  • Sallie Westwood and John Williams, Imagining cities: scripts, signs, memory, 1997
  • Sophie Watson and Katherine Gibson, Postmodern Cities and Spaces, 1995
  • Mary Ann Caws, ed, City Images: Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy, and Film, 1991
  • Anthony D. King, Spaces of global cultures: architecture, urbanism, identity, 2004.

Please note: This module description is accurate at the time of publication. Minor amendments may be made prior to the start of the academic year.