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Using WARPit

Below is a basic step by step guide to using WARPit.

If you have any further questions about the system please email Alex Jones on alexander.jones@ucl.ac.uk

  • Sign Up

    1. Visit http://www.warp-it.co.uk/UCL
    2. Hit the green “Register Now” button.
    3. Fill in your details.
    4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. You can read a non legalese guide here: Advertising Guide
    5. You will receive an acknowledgement Email.
    6. Await approval (this is a security measure as university assets are involved).
    7. You will then receive an approval email with log in details and further instruction. You will then be able to search for items and give away or loan out items.

  • Finding Items

    1. Log in using password.
    2. A basic search is carried out using the green search button in the top right corner.
    3. If required- you can make more accurate searches using the free text box search function or the menu on the left hand side.
    4. This will display surplus or underused resources available within the organisation.

  • Wishlist

    1. If you cannot find an item you are looking for- add it to your wish list which is located in the left hand side menu.
    2. You will then receive a priority message if the item becomes available.

  • WARP-IT Roundup

    1. UCL’s WARP-IT system sends out a regular roundup of activity on the portal. As a default this is sent every day. You can change it to weekly or switch it off depending on requirements. Bear in mind those who receive daily roundups get first notification of new items on the system.
    2. You can view and claim new items that are listed via the roundup.

  • Claiming Items

    1. Click on an item for further details. Hit the claim button if the resource is required.
    2. Claims are made on a first come first served basis.
    3. Only claim items if you require for your work activities.
    4. If you are not sure use the “Ask a Question” facility.
    5. If you require the item, hit the green “Claim” button. This will send a message to the owner.
    6. You will also receive an Email message with further instructions on how to collect the item.

  • Completing the transaction

    1. The system will send you a reminder to pick up an item until you change the status of the item to ‘collected’. Please do this via the WARP-IT regular roundup message or via the menu on the left hand side.

  • Uploading underused or surplus resources

    1. Log in using password.
    2. Select “Add an item” in the left hand menu.
    3. Fill in the upload form.
    4. If you want to loan an item out- select loan.
    5. If you want to donate an item- select donate.
    6. Pick a category and sub category. Most items are catered for. If not select ‘other’.
    7. Add as much detail as possible. Use the free text box to add specifics.
    8. You can pre load resources onto the system and they will not become available until you specify. Please upload resources as soon as you know they are going to be available.
    9. Please try to keep resources on the system for as long as is possible to ensure internal redistribution.
    10. Add a deadline for the final date that you wish the resources to be moved by.

  • Uploading images

    1. Include an image if possible. Up to 3 images can be uploaded.
    2. Select the green “Upload Image” button.
    3. Browse your folders for the correct image.
    4. Wait for the pic to load. Images with low resolution load in the quickest.
    5. Hover your mouse over the image to move the “cropper”
    6. You can adjust the size of the crop.
    7. Click crop image. The image will then be uploaded.


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