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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How do I register?

    Visit the UCL WARPit homepage www.warp-it.co.uk/UCL. Make sure you book mark it. Hit the big green button which says ‘register’ now. Once you register you will receive further instructions. You can browse items on WARPit by hitting search button. If you have any problems please contact Paul Monk via email p.monk@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 1967.

  • What items can be reused through WARPit?

    Mostly reusable furniture, electrical equipment, fixtures and fittings, office consumables (such as stationery and ink jet cartridges), lab equipment, supplies and medical equipment- but any resource really.

  • What are the benefits over using existing email systems to advertise items?

    This system is easy and encourages community and co-operation, thereby facilitating better participation, management and control. The system makes it easy for all parties- which encourages mass participation. Each transaction is recorded and monitored. Every participant is registered. This means that waste and liability legal concerns are obliged. Carbon, recycling and financial information on each transaction is recorded which allows the production of management reports, important for carbon financial and CSR reporting. There are further benefits here.

  • We don't have storage so how can we benefit?

    In the main there is a direct transfer of equipment between owner and claimant, so WARPit also negates the need for any intermediate storage. This makes for an user friendly, efficient way of getting the best value out of unwanted resources.

  • What happens if unwanted resources are not claimed?

    UCL Estates has a small storage area to which unclaimed items can be moved. Contact the Customer Service Centre on ext 30000. Or after a specific time, resources can be passed to reciprocating local partners using WARPit clubs so that local partners can share unwanted resources. If the reckiprocating sharing network cannot find a home for the equipment and there is no storage, the item can be passed on for reuse by local partners such as charities, businesses or schools..

  • Who is responsible for uploading equipment onto the system?

    Any member of UCL staff who has signed up for the system can upload information about the equipment they are offering. The upload process is very easy.

  • Who is responsible for arranging the transfer and transport of items?

    The collection of items is to be arranged between the contributor and the requesting party. It is the requesting parties responsibility to arrange collection of the item/equipment. If the item is to large to collect personally then delivery can be arranged using the UCL Portering Service. This should be requested by the requesting party either using the UCL Estates Service Request Form, emailing the Customers Service Centre on efdservices@ucl.ac.uk or telephoning them on extension 30000 (020 7679 0000 externally).

  • Who is responsible for ensuring that the items that are transferred are usable, safe and appropriate?

    To abide by waste legislation and liability issues the guidelines must be followed. It is the responsibility of the contributing party to ensure that items are described correctly and the guidelines are followed. It is the requesting parties responsibility to ensure the item/equipment is safe and appropriate before using. All users must agree with the terms on registration and before a transaction takes place.

  • What happens if the item that is transferred is then unwanted by the receiving party?

    It is the receiver’s responsibility to re advertise the item.

  • Can staff use the system to trade their own goods?

    No. This system is for reusing UCL owned items only.

  • What happens if I have an item which is broken soiled or has missing parts?

    If you have an item that is broken or missing parts it should not be put onto WARPit. Instead you should send a request to UCL Estates to have the item removed as waste. This should be done by either using the Maintenance Service Request Form, emailing the Customers Service Centre on efdservices@ucl.ac.uk or telephoning them on extension 30000 (020 7679 0000 externally).

  • How do you work out the financial savings of WARPit?

    Each item is given an average replacement value using public sector contract prices. Each item is also given waste disposal financial value. These figures are updated annually.

  • How do you work out the reuse/ recycling rate/weight?

    Using established references and methods each item is given an average weight. Every transaction / item that is reused is added to the running reuse total which is measured in KG.

  • How do you work out the carbon emissions savings of items transferred?

    Every item transferred saves on carbon emissions because a new item does not have to be purchased. Using established references and methods each item is given carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) value (KG).

  • How do you prevent ‘double counting’ furniture that is reused more than once?

    Each transaction prevents the purchase of a a new item. So the carbon associated with purchasing is factored in on every transaction. However the waste charges are not as the item can only be disposed of once!

  • Is WARPit secure?

    Access to your bespoke WARPit is password protected. Staff from the subscribing client organisation can register automatically. Individuals who do not work within the subscribing client organisation (such as representatives from charities, schools and SMEs) will only be given access if they are authorised by the UCL WARPit Administrator. Members of WARPit clubs can view other club members listings.

  • How do I get help with WARPit?

    If you require any help with any aspect of WARPit please email the UCL WARPit Administrator on p.monk@ucl.ac.uk with the subject heading WARPit Help. If you need some training then contact the UCL WARPit Administrator on p.monk@ucl.ac.uk. Some drop in sessions will be scheduled throughout the year. Check the Estates website for details.


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