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Disposal of Waste Books, Cardboard or Paper for Recycling

Paper, cardboard, books and magazines are all recyclable office wastes and should be put into waste bins with clear bin liners. You may find the following guidelines helpful to make best use of the service:

Paper for recycling may include the following:

  • Paper of any colour

  • Paper with staples or paperclips

  • Paper which has been shredded

  • Newspapers

  • Envelopes

  • Magazines

  • Books

  • Cardboard

  • Used paper towels

However, please note the following:

  • Cardboard boxes should be flattened, and any polystyrene packaging should be removed and disposed of as non-recyclable office wastes (however cardboard packaging should be disposed of as recyclable office wastes). Any hazard warning marks should be obliterated.

  • The occasional book or magazine can be disposed of as recyclable office wastes. Larger quantities can cause problems if put into the recyclable waste bins as the weight can cause the bin liners to tear. If you have larger quantities of books or magazines please package them in empty cardboard boxes and dispose of them as large/bulky items or equipment. If you let the waste team know that the boxes contain books/magazines the team will ensure that the waste is sent for recycling.


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