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Non-Recyclable Office Wastes

General wastes are wastes which are neither hazardous nor recyclable. Typically these may include:

  • Apple cores, orange peel and banana skins
  • Remnants of sandwiches
  • Tea bags, tea leaves and coffee grouts
  • Greasy disposable plates and food wrappings
  • Unwashed milk/yogurt cartons
  • Fruit juice cartons (tetrapaks)
  • Disposable hot drinks cups (even if they are cardboard)
  • Polystyrene (chips, packaging and other items)

General wastes should be put into bins with black bin liners. The bags are provided and removed by the cleaners and put into black wheelie bins.

General wastes are disposed of to landfill therefore please take care not to put recyclable wastes into the bins with the black bin liners - use the bins for recyclable office wastes instead.

Please note that any items that are placed adjacent to a waste bin may appear to the cleaner to be waste. Therefore please do not place valuable files, papers or other items next to the wastepaper basket in order to prevent them from being disposed of in error. The chances of recovering items which have been disposed of in error are extremely small.


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