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Staying Safe @ The Halls of Residence

  • If you are in a halls of residence ensure that you always lock your door, even if you are only going down the corridor.

  • Be aware of tailgating.  If you feel that a person is tailgating you in order to access an area where you believe they should not be, challenge them - as long as you feel comfortable and safe to do so.  Or contact the UCL Security Department or the residential Warden.

  • When going out, always ensure that you close all windows, even if you are on a high floor.

  • Before allowing entry to your room always ensure you are aware of who is at the door.  If you are unsure ask what they want before opening the door.  If you are still not sure ask them to come back and inform a friend, UCL Security or residential Warden of what has occurred.

  • Never leave your personal items near a window in view, ie laptops, mobile phones, wallets or bags or any other valuable item that may attract a would-be burglar or opportunist.

  • Never hang keys by the front door.  This may attract an opportunist thief and allow them easy access to the property by means of a long rod to gain access to your keys.

  • If you believe that your residence requires any Security updates or further Security measures then contact UCL Security Services or your Building Manager.


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