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RiskNET is an IT system that is available via the Safety Services webpages to help Departments manage their safety responsibilities, it: provides tools that make managing safety simpler and less bureaucratic; and gives better and more effective feedback about how Departments are performing.

RiskNET consists of a number of specific tools/modules as follows:


Incident/accident reporting

A user-friendly, interactive online tool for reporting and investigating accidents, incidents and near misses. It can be used by anyone who wants to report an accident or incident as well as by those who are responsible for investigating and analysing accidents and incidents. 

Mandatory at UCL for the submission of all incident reports since January 2011


How to use the on-line incident reporting system

How to carry out an initial investigation of an incident

Display Screen Equipment Self Assessment

Provides on-line training to all users of Display Screen Equipment so that they can carry out a self-assessment of their work station as part of the Departmental Safety Induction Process. The tool also provides direct feedback to the Departmental DSE coordinator of the small minority who may require a further assessment.

Mandatory at UCL for co-ordinating a departmental programme of DSE assessment since September 2012

Risk assessment

This tool provides an online approval and authorisation process for Departmental risk assessments as well as central database storage of completed risk assessments with smart search function. The tool will also provide model assessments of routine business activities.

Available for use since November 2013

GM Risk Assessment

A specialist assessment available via the risk assessment tool.

Mandatory at UCL for submission of GM risk assessments since November 2013

Using the risk assessment tool to submit a GM assessment

Reviewing an GM assessment-GMSOs guide

Revising an assessment

Monitoring (Inspection and audit)

Provides a means for recording Departmental inspections such that improvement actions can be set and analysis of findings can be carried out. It will enable managers to identify when and where inspections have been done according to their own and UCL’s requirements.

Available for use since November 2013

Responsible Persons Register

Allows Departments to set up and maintain a registers containing names of nominated persons eg fire wardens, first aiders etc and to allocate both departmental and location specific data. This will meet the need to document this information as part of their safety arrangements.

Mandatory for use at UCL since April 2014.

How to confirm your register

Performance monitoring/Reporting

This is an active feedback and reporting system that monitors Departmental and sub-departmental performance. The system is supported by data analysis software that enables divisions to control and analyse their own information.

Reporting tools will be generally released post launch to enable data entered in the system to be analysed


A secure means of storing, archiving and collating all Departmental safety documents in one place.

Design and  development times to be established during 2017.

Hazardous Substances Register

Allows Departments to set up and maintain registers containing records of hazardous substances which need to be controlled by departments to meet UCL and statutory requirements.

Mandatory since Jan 2017 for recording of key chemicals that UCL is required to report to various enforcing authorities


Permit to Work

A Permit to Work system is a recognised means to ensure additional specified controls, required to control the risk to an acceptable level, for high-hazard activities are identified and implemented. The module has been evaluated against, and found to be compliant with, HSE guidance HSG250: Guidance on permit-to-work systems.

The module is being trialled in UCL Estates. Estimated availability, May 2017


Radiation Substances

A replacement for the in-house RSS system for logging and tracking radioactive substances (radioactive sources, accumulated radioactive waste and disposals) across UCL and for making monthly returns

Currently in Beta testing. Estimated availability and roll out, May 2017




Validation of system generated e-mails

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