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UCL Standard Signage

This page provides guidance on the following UCL standard signage:

  • New internal 'mss' signage as installed from 2009 and as the Internal Sign Manual

    The new standard internal 'mss' signage ('modular signage system') is to be used for all major refurbishments and new build projects and other areas where appropriate. The Internal Sign Manual (March 2010) and the Internal Signage Family drawing provide full details. Templates of all standard signs are available from UCL Estates in PDF or Illustrator Format.

  • Old-style internal 'Slatz' signage

    The old-style internal 'Slatz' signage is still to be maintained in areas where supply of the new signage is not appropriate. Several suppliers offer replacement Slatz-style door signs, including Tech Graphix Signs. Departments requiring new signs should download and complete the Signage Request Form below. Door signs should adhere to the Specification for Internal Signage below.

  • External Building Identification Signage

    New external building identification signage was introduced from 2006 and most UCL buildings now have these new type of signs. There are eleven standard types but sometimes 'specials' are needed. Please refer to the UCL External Signage Strategy document for further detail.

  • External Wayfinding Signage

    New external wayfinding signage was introduced in the main Bloomsbury Campus in 2010. Signs are either nodes or wall-mounted signs and all are illuminated. The campus maps used on the signs was developed in partnership with UCL Geography and UCL Corporate Communications. Please refer to the UCL External Signage Strategy document for further detail.

London Borough of Camden, Transport for London and Placemarque
The new internal and external signage was developed in consultation with signage design Placemarque, and it has been implemented in discussion with the London Borough of Camden, with planning approvals granted where appropriate. The external wayfinding signage has been designed to coordinate with Transport for London's 'Legible London' strategy.

The UCL Masterplan
The UCL Masterplan for the Bloomsbury Campus, as endorsed in August 2011, refers to 'signage strategy' as one of the key projects in its 'implementing the vision' section. This project intends to review the current signage and wayfinding maps and it aims to develop a revised signage strategy, building on and extending previous work, to ensure that there is a coordinated approach to routes and signage to support pedestrian and vehicle routes throughout the campus.

For any queries regarding signage please email ucl-signage@ucl.ac.uk.


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