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Transforming UCL: A Masterplan for Bloomsbury

UCL is about to embark on a new phase of transformation at its Bloomsbury Campus to better support the needs of students and staff. This summer the refectory will be closing as the improvements to the Wilkins building begins together with the relocation of catering services ahead of the Autumn term.

As part of the UCL Bloomsbury Masterplan a number of projects have been identified to improve the student and staff experience at UCL. A suite of projects to enhance the student and staff experience already began in Summer 2012 to help to improve student learning spaces with an extended programme of works that followed into 2013.

Now there are a range of ‘hubs’ across the campus that are nearing completion, for more information on UCL hubs visit the faculty advice pages for the Cruciform Hub in Bloomsbury, the Royal Free Hub within the Royal Free hospital and the recently completed Whittington Hub in the Highgate Wing. Alternatively you can read our overviews in our current projects tab on the left.

Each UCL Estates project has a distinct set of priorities to ensure that the best use of space, time and money is invested into each project to ensure that the University experience for students and staff at UCL remains second to none. 

What's coming up?

Now as we approach Summer 2014, the Masterplan projects that are now arriving at implementation stages include the Wilkins Terrace, Refectory and Bloomsbury Theatre projects in the core campus area which include a range of aesthetic and functional change that will revolutionalise the use of space in the centre of the campus. Transforming wasted space and creating space where previously the potential had not been taped.

Taking great care to respect and preserve our historic buildings the development project is starting an exciting new phase this summer, designed to support teaching and learning and keep the student experience as a top priority during the disruption.

Keeping up-to-date

For updates on these and other projects select the area from the current projects tab on the left, and follow our latest news for regular announcements on each new development.

A Transforming UCL website is currently under development that will contain detailed project overviews and advice on alternative provisions during the works and the projected timescales. This new website will be launching in early May 2014 to help keep staff and students informed after the Easter break.

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