European Social & Political Studies


Steering Committee Members

The ESPS degree programmes are monitored by a Steering Committee which normally meets once a year. Meetings normally consist of the full membership of the committee and occasionally of the small group membership.

Full Membership

Prof Wendy Carlin, Chair (Economics)
Prof Mark Hewitson, ESPS Academic Director (ESPS/German, SELCS)
Dr Allen Abramson (Anthropology)
Prof Kristin Bakke (ESPS/Political Science)
Ms Catherine Barrow (Management Accountant, Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
Dr Stephanie Bird (Director, SELCS)
Dr Ingrid Boccardi (ESPS/Laws)
Dr Claire Colomb (Bartlett School)
Prof Simon Dixon (Director, SSEES. Represented by Dr Svetlana Makarova, Head of Teaching Programmes, or Prof Andrew Wilson, Head of Teaching Resources)
Dr Amanda Greene (ESPS/Philosophy)
Dr Alan Ingram (Geography)
Dr Roland Kappe (ESPS/School of Public Policy)
Mr Andrew King (ESPS Programme Administrator)
Dr Mart Kuldkepp (ESPS/Scandinavian Studies, SELCS)
Prof Philippe Marlière, (ESPS/French, SELCS)
Mr Olivier Miller (ESPS Administrative Assistant)
Prof Neil Mitchell (Director, Affiliate Programme, School of Public Policy)
Ms Tessa Robinson (ESPS Administrative Manager)
Dr Alex Samson (Spanish, SELCS)
Dr Peter Schröder (ESPS/History)
Dr Tom Stern (ESPS/Philosophy)
Dr James Wilson (Vice-Dean for Interdisciplinarity A&H)
Prof Jose Zalabardo (HoD, Philosophy)