Why ESPS at UCL?

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Are you tempted by Philosophy, Politics and Economics or International Relations, but aware of the importance of a second language in today’s integrated Europe?

Are you a talented linguist keen to become fluent but looking for more from your university education than just the language skills?

Are you enthusiastic about a humanities subject, but aspiring to something broader (and more employable) than a straight three-year humanities degree?

ESPS at UCL will enable you to:

  • Benefit from UCL's world-class teaching system and the insights of its renowned humanities, language and social sciences scholars, and from the expertise of their European counterparts.
  • Experience a year abroad at a continental university in cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Hamburg, Milan, Paris, Seville and Rome.
  • Undertake a dissertation on an independently chosen research topic, with specialist supervision. Outstanding dissertations are published as articles in the ESPS Journal 'European Social and Political Research'.
  • Get involved with the UCLU European Society, a vibrant society organising academic and social activities relating to all aspects of modern European life.

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