Fees and funding

UK & EU fee
£9,000 (2016/17)
Overseas fee
£16,130 (2016/17)

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Dissertations 2012

  • Applied social welfare economics: Approximation of an optimum alchohol taxation in Sweden.
  • Representations of Nietzschean nihilism in Pirandello's Cose e (si vi pare) and Uno, Nessuno, Centomila"
  • Is the legal relationship between the State and religious denominations in France and Spain converging?
  • Income Inequality in France and the role of the welfare state in preventing its climb
  • Under What Conditions do EU Election Observation Missions Promote Implementation of Recommendations for Democratic Reform in Third Countries?
  • Is the life of the French woman ”as free and equal as any man's” today? An investigation of gender equality and the remnants of second wave feminism in contemporary French society.
  • Love and death in Mexican life. A study of cultural performance
  • The EU: a consolidating democracy
  • Horizontal direct effect of European Union directives
  • Virtual Spaces and Communities: A case study of the Dutch skateboard community and their use of technological tools
  • Transforming the Public sphere: The new media and its influence on Russia
  • The Philosophy of Praxis' in Antonio Gramsci and the early Gyorgy Lukács"
  • Consequences on the function of elections of the 1982 German "Constructive vote of No-Confidence"
  • The Role of Islam in the German Debate on Turkish Accession to the EU
  • The influence of television on French presidential elections: To what extent does television make the electorate vote for the individual rather than the candidate?'
  • Poor and Nasty or Noble and Savage - the state of nature in Hobbes's and Rousseau's philosophy
  • The EU and China: revisiting the decision making processes within Sino-European relations
  • To what extent can we witness a presidentialisation of the French political system under Sarkozy?
  • To what extent do institutional intentions determine people's perception and experience of public space?
  • The changing face of Spanish Foreign Policy towards the Maghreb
  • How has institutional reform affected the political representation of women in Italy?
  • How did Olof Palme’s vision of Swedish neutrality and his continuous struggle with pragmatism versus ideology affect and influence Sweden’s relationship with the USA?
  • From Power Game to Cooperation: Towards a New Paradigm in EU-Russia Relations in the field of Natural Gas
  • EU Global Health Policy: An Equitable Response?