Fees and funding

Tuition fees

The fees indicated are for undergraduate entry in the 2016/17 academic year.

UK & EU fee
£9,000 (2016/17)
Overseas fee
£16,130 (2016/17)

Various funding options are available, including student loans, scholarships and bursaries. UK students whose household income falls below a certain level may also be eligible for a non-repayable bursary or for certain scholarships. Please see the Fees and funding pages for more details.

Departmental scholarships

The Scholarships and Funding website lists scholarships and funding schemes available to UCL students. These may be open to all students, or restricted to specific nationalities, regions or academic department.

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Dissertations 2010

  • Emancipation through Socialism? Women’s Lives in the German Democratic Republic and Experiences of Single Motherhood
  • To what extent, if any, should the state fund higher education?
  • Nationalism in the Italian north: what is the meaning behind Padania and its role in Italian politics?
  • Comparison of post-9/11 law-making in the UK and Germany with a possible focus on immigration law
  • Sanitising Subjects: Cholera and the Italianisation of Naples
  • Euroscepticism in Austria: a new “awkward partner”?
  • Rebranding 21 st-century Venezuela: A study of Hugo Chávez’s construction of the Bolivarian Identity and its consequences on Venezuelan Foreign Policy
  • Exploring the relationship between language, thought and reality: a critical study of conceptual relativism
  • Paradoxically coherent: A conceptual analysis of socio-economic Sarkozysm before and after the fall of Lehman Brothers
  • The Security Issue in the Immigration Debate in Italy: Do the Left and the Right Differ in Their Approaches?
  • Nietzsche and the creation of a new European man
  • Problems with the Application of Law 194/1978 in Italy. Catholicism and Regions
  • Why do French women politicians find it harder to be respected by the French public than French women artists and intellectuals? A study of the visual versus the verbal
  • Which model for a European Contract Law? The analysis of the four options suggested by the Commission in its Communication on European Contract Law COM(2001) 398 final
  • Michel Foucault on the Subject of Ethics
  • How did the right-wing ideas held by General Franco contribute to the development of the Spanish legal system
  • Justice Distribution and Liberty: Key Themes in International and Distributive Justice
  • Development of the doctrine of the margin of appreciation in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
  • Critical assessment of the Swedish political model in the globalised era. To what extent has the traditional Swedish welfare state been challenged by the developments of globalisation?
  • Aspects of the history of feminism in Germany
  • To what extent and in what ways do war films inform Russian foreign policy in the post-Yeltsin era?
  • Immigration Into Austria and Its Effect on FPÖ’s Electoral Performance (1990-1995)
  • The Ethics of Simone de Beauvoir: Oppression, Transcendence and the Importance of Education
  • The Potential for Intergration a L'Européenne in Latin America
  • Counter-terrorism measures and the protection of privacy in the jurisprudence of the German Bundesverfassungsgericht
  • The Cult of Padre Pio
  • Going it Alone: Civil Society in Contemporary Russia
  • Remembering and forgetting Italian fascism through architecture
  • What is the ‘Italian anomaly’? Is this appellation justified? And if yes, what are its implications for the state of democracy in Italy?
  • To what extent are the right to seek asylum and the principle of non-refoulement respected in EU-Libyan and Italian-Libyan co-operation on migration?
  • The example of Mongolia in the context of Russia’s demand for regional influence
  • Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) the solution to the double objective of energy and climate security in the European Union?