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UK & EU fee
£9,000 (2016/17)
Overseas fee
£16,130 (2016/17)

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Dissertations 2009

  • Was the French nuclear deterrent a major contributory factor in the apparent decline of Franco-American relations during the Kennedy years?
  • An exploration of the role of Rachel Whiteread’s Holocaust Memorial, Judenplatz, Vienna, in relation to Viennese and Austrian identity and place
  • Convergence of interest or divergence of needs: What is the real added value of the EU’s common policy on labour migration?
  • Enmity to universal rights: Contradiction, exeption, or perfect corollary?
  • ‘Gaullism’ and its influences on French foreign policy towards the Middle East
  • How important are sanctions to law?
  • The prospects and failures of EU interregionalism: The case of the European Union and Mercosur
  • The role of British political influence in shaping the development and reform of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union
  • Escaping ideological thought: The problematic of ‘free-floating intelligentsia’ in Karl Mannheim’s sociology of knowledge
  • Contested borders: A state’s right to restrict entry at its borders
  • To what extent has Germany become more politically inclusive of her Turkish immigrants since the revision of the citizenship law in 2000?
  • The EU’s comprehensive approach to asylum and regional protection programmes: A study in hypocrisy
  • Victims or agents? The view of the global poor in the international distributive justice discussion
  • Towards philosophical anarchism
  • Employee privatisation: Short-term and long-term ascpects. The case of Croatia
  • Europeanisation of foreign policy. A study of Spain’s foreign policy towards the Mediterranean, 1982-1996
  • French politics from an institutional perspective: To what extent can EU-NATO relations be used to understand French foreign policy objectives?
  • How and why is immigration ‘securitised’ in Italy? An empirical study of the securitisation process
  • Did EMU membership play a role in the implementation of reforms in Italy?
  • The institutional Europeanisation of national parliaments and the Treaty of Lisbon
  • Media, public opinion and democracy: The Italian anomaly of Europe
  • The idea of Europe in the 21 st Century – Institutional Reform of the European Union
  • If in theory the principle of laïcité is functional, where do problems of inequality arise from?
  • The French influence on European energy policy. A study of the French EU Presidency 2008
  • To what extent does the individual's conception of the state affect the causes of political corruption?
  • A Single Currency for East Asia? Lessons from Europe
  • Joseph de Maistre: Positive, positivistic, or neither?