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UK & EU fee
£9,000 (2016/17)
Overseas fee
£16,130 (2016/17)

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Dissertations 2008

  • Ideology and Russia’s transition to market economy
  • The CPE affair: The rejection of a transnational liberal tendency, or crisis of French governance?
  • Kant’s Doctrine/Theory of Virtue
  • Causes of 1992-93 ERM Crisis
  • Are the legal mechanisms currently in place to fight climate change adapted to the problem at hand? What should the post-kyoto legal set-up look like?
  • To what extent has unified Germany escaped its past and exercised its novel capacity for independent foreign policy action on the global stage?
  • The theatre state in twenty-first century Italy: Negotiating the female body in contemporary Italy
  • Success of the Lega Nord
  • Is parité a justifiable concept?
  • Guacho-Lepenism: an academic construction or a political reality?
  • Should the EU adopt the Scandinavian socio-economic model?
  • Albanian prostitutes in Italy. Do attitudes reflect a wider problem?
  • The effect of the historical Franco-Serbian relationship on France’s Foreign Policy from the Balkan Wars to the Present.
  • The influence of the 1956 Hungarian revolution on the Bolognese communist ideology
  • What was the political/social environment surrounding the 2004 law on ‘Laicite’? And therefore how necessary was the law?
  • Dietrologia: un passato che non passa
  • Legal Immigration in an EU Perspective
  • Social movements – A case study on Attac France
  • Did Naples experience any economic miracle during “il boom” years, and if not, why did it fail to do so?
  • Fascism and Modernism
  • Nicholas Sarkozy’s politics of law and order: breaking with tradition?
  •  'La Rochelle’/’Rochellian’: Identifying Identity in a French town.
  • EU immigration policy and Spain
  • Uniformity or diversity? A study of differentiated integration in the European Union
  • Does outward Foreign Direct Investment affect employment in Italy during the period 1990-2000?
  • The decline of FPÖ
  • Why did the Soviet Union intervene in the Spanish Civil war?
  • In which way do the organs of student movements in Bologna reflect the current social situation in Italian?
  • Italy , Violence and Terrorism
  • Energy resources and the economic growth of Russia
  • Could Gorbachev have prevented the German Unification
  • Can a just distribution be attained?
  • Generational Conflicts in the GDR
  • Diplomatic relations between France and Spain during the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
  • Trafficking of women into the EU. What approach and action should the EU take?
  • Marsilio Ficino’s doctrine of original sin
  • The Marginalization and Polarization of Dutch Politics: Development of an External Policy Space Post-Paars