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£9,000 (2016/17)
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£16,130 (2016/17)

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Dissertations 2006

  • What was the legacy of Francoism in post-Franco Spain?
  • After more than four decades, can Turkey’s dream of EU membership at last become reality? The Enlargement debate in French political and public life
  • Why on earth? Women’s divine calling to the Opus Dei
  • What are the historical, economic, cultural and social factors behind regional identities in modern Spain? The case of Catalonia
  • Will the Slow Food movement succeed?
  • Exchange rates, trade and monetary integration: Lessons from EMU for Mercosur
  • Mobility and diasporic experiences in contemporary Paris: Is the Chinese community challenging the French model of integration?
  • What reasons lie behind the fall in Spanish unemployment during the last 10 years?
  • Hoort Turkije bij de EU? The political debate in the Netherlands surrounding the European Council’s decision of 17/12/04 To open Accession Negotiations with Turkey
  • Multi-level challenges to Spanish statehood: European integration and Catalan regionalism
  • Is there a new ‘Jewish question’ in France? A study of antisemitism and antizionism in France since 2000
  • What and who are the Valencians? The relationship between language and identity
  • How well has the ‘Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikations und Post’(RegTP) regulated the German mobile telecommunications industry with regards to promoting competition?
  • The contemporary representation of the female body in Italian visual media
  • The politics of language: ‘El conflicto lingüístico’ in Valencia
  • Women’s part-time work as a discriminatory factor in France – can EU law be counted on to provide improvement?
  • To what extent did changing patterns of consumption alter the perceived role of women in Germany between ca. 1900 and 1930?
  • Italy’s defining moment in Libya: How did the 1911 colonial expedition weaken the Socialists, reassert the Catholics, and set Italy’s political landscape thereafter?
  • Culture in crisis: analysing Adorno’s theory of culture in late capitalist society
  • Examine the Progress of Zionism in France 1940-1949
  • Gramsci and the politics of the ‘Modern Prince’
  • The Italian Resistance and the politicisation of public memory 1945-50
  • Is Kant’s Groundwork to the Metaphsyics of Morals a valid proof of morality’s universal nature?
  • La fiesta de las Fallas in Valencia: a ritual displaying ‘conscious purificatory pyromania’ or vanity and economic injustice? Discuss this statement in the light of the festival’s historical transformation and its social and religious significance
  • Do the Pieds-noirs constitute an identifiable subculture within French society or are they simply a part of it?
  • Identity and citizenship in Marseille: A model of integration?
  • Why is the Islamic headscarf in France so highly charged with meaning ?
  • External constraints versus domestic reforms: Globalisation, European integration and the French Welfare State
  • Kant describes sceptical doubt of an external world as a ‘scandal to philosophy and to human reason in general’, but does he manage to successfully overcome this doubt?
  • Why did Engelbert Dollfuß advance ‘Austrianization’ in his two years of chancellorship 1932-1934 and to what extent was it a success?
  • How does Jean Rouch’s ‘shared anthropology’ attempt to overcome the problems of an exploitative relationship between filmmaker and subject?
  • Berlin/Beirut: Laboratories of a postmodern renaissance
  • An American in Paris : cosmopolitan, tourist or exile? What can expatriate experiences of the French capital teach us about transnational cultural identity theories?
  • If in theory the principle of laïcité is functional, where do the problems of inequality arise from?
  • To what extent do the present-day frontiers of Savoie reflect the leading frontier theories of the past two centuries?
  • The ideologically committed novelist: an anarchist’s response to the culture, society and politics of the Second Spanish Republic
  • What does the future hold for Il Partito della Rifondazione Comunista?