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£9,000 (2016/17)
Overseas fee
£16,130 (2016/17)

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Dissertations 2003

  • The politics of the press in the slaughter of Piazza Fontana
  • Immigration and asylum seeking policy in the EU and France
  • Chronicling the Franco regime in autobiography fiction: the approaches of Barral, Martin Gaite and Goytisolo
  • Nationalism, modernism and the discourse of Interventionism: The case of Gli Avvenimenti, Milan 1915
  • Pride and Prejudice: A multi-disciplinary study of homophobia in hetersexual men in Western societies with a case study of Italy
  • Is 'Sicilian-ness' part of 'Italian-ness'?
  • France's partnership with Africa in the new unilateralism
  • Spanish society in the aftermath of the 1898 crisis: The perceptions and responses of four contemporary Spanish writers
  • The end of ideologies, freedom and racism. A case study of the FPÖ
  • To what extent can Nietzsche' philosophy be described as being inherently Nazi?
  • Seville: balancing the Andalucian myth with the technopolis dream
  • The EU's uncertain political identity - An analysis of European citizenship and Europe in Italian political discourse
  • Kant and the problem of scepticism
  • Consuming Classics: the popularisation of classical music and its impact in the Netherlands
  • On Freedom
  • The interaction between the political system and social movements. A case study of the anti-globalisation movement in Italy.
  • The republican tradition in France and left-wing politics - A case study of Jean-Pierres Chevenement
  • 'The French Republic, one and indivisable.' The threat of immigration policy to the French Republican tradition
  • Fiume's Carta del Carnaro: a dannunzian proto-fascist document or a syndicalist project?
  • French Unemployment: A product of labour market institutions
  • Right wing extremism in Berlin: 1990 to the present
  • Social Contract and Obligation
  • Who should be tolerated? Decency and injustice in John Rawls' The Law of Peoples*
  • A comparison between the Basque and Catalan Nationalist movements and their possible future direction
  • Nietzsche's Critique of Morality in Daybreak
  • Immigration in Spain: A threat to society or the need to integrate the immigrants - the case of the Autonomous Community of Madrid
  • Lille: Ailing provincial town to 'eurocity'?
  • Time is life: An anthropological study of time
  • A new Italian family? Why do Italian young adults remain in the home for an extended peiod of time?
  • In what ways did the social and political consequences of the Franco regime affect the nature of the student protest movement in Spain under the dictatorship?
  • How much is immigrant entrepreneurship facilitated by social capital? A case study of Chinese restaurant owners in Milan
  • The Gypsy minorityand their integration within the EU:The Spanish Case