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UK & EU fee
£9,000 (2016/17)
Overseas fee
£16,130 (2016/17)

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Dissertations 2002

  • Why so silent? The Protestant church in West Germany and the legacy of the holocaust
  • 'Americanisation' and American culture in Europe: A case study of McDonalds in Rome
  • Can we defend the relativism of rationality, or should we accept modern empirical science as the only rational worldview
  • Voluntary visibles: The regenerations of Berlin's 'European Jews'
  • Why did West Berliners' image of the United States as an occupying force change to a more positive perception by 1949? What role did the Berlin blockade and subsequent airlift play in this?
  • Morocco, Tunisia and the European Union: Past, present and future dependence?
  • From fundamentalism to pragmatism - the emergence of a new type of party: To what extent are Les Verts the green challengers for a new politics paradigm?
  • Jacques Delors: A study of political leadership in the European Commission
  • What factors motivated the citizens of Leipzig to oppose the communist regime in the German democratic Republic?
  • The influence of intellectuals and public opinion during the Algerian war (1954-1962)
  • The Belgian Dioxin crisis: A case study assessing macro-economic stabilisation of a sector specific shock
  • Night vs. Nacht: An application of post-modern anthropological theory to a fundamental distinction and its post-wall Berlin case study, 1989-2001
  • Spain and the European Union: A tool for democratic consolidation?
  • Germany between Mitteleuropa and the West? Continuity and change in German security policy during the Kohl era
  • What caused and what was done to solve the housing crisis in Berlin that came to a head at the end of the First World War? How successful were the efforts?
  • Riding a tiger: The Italian Socialist party and the cost of living protests of June and July 1919
  • Habermas and democracy: An investigation of Habermas' democratic theory
  • Emilia Romagna: A region between local success and global pressure
  • Citizen participation in urban development: 'Grassroots democracy' or a 'means to an end'?
  • Nazi foreign policy and the decision for war in September 1939
  • History in the GDR: The Humboldt University of Berlin and the reform of the university history teaching profession, 1945-69
  • Boundaries of nations and class: An analysis of the Italian perception of the Yugoslavs in Trieste in 1945, interpreted through the first-hand account in Primavera a Trieste
  • From Hitler to Haider: The politics of Austrian history and memory since 1945
  • The changing relationship between the European Commission and the European Parliament. Is the EU moving towards a parliamentary democracy?
  • The coercive power of 'undergangsangst': Denmark's response to the rise of Germany in the era of Conservative government, 1864-1901
  • The EU and the regions. A case study: vocational training in Tuscany
  • Existentialism and Marxism: To what extent does Sartre's political outlook adhere to his earlier philosophy?
  • The development of winter sports resorts in the French Alps: Conflicts between construction and conservation
  • The EMU's response to the fiscal dilemma: Is it likely to prove more of a threat rather than an aid to economic stability?
  • Reproductive rights and the disabled: Who has the right to decide? Focusing on Eugenics in Sweden
  • Dealing with a rigid and strictly protected labour market: Policy options and choices in Spain during the 1990s
  • The state as a legitimate parent: An exploration of the difficulties encountered by the liberal state in justifying the action affecting the child
  • Cinema as a political vehicle: Childhood in Spanish cinema as an effective instrument for the transmission of ideological messages
  • Trial within a reasonable time: The recent reforms of the Italian Justice system in response to the conflict with Article 6 (1) ECH