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£9,000 (2015/16)
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£15,660 (2015/16)

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Past Dissertations

Below are the titles of dissertations completed by last year's finalists. For older examples, please click on the appropriate year in the list at the end of the page.

Dissertations of Finalists 2014

  • Is the minimum voting age justified?
  • To what extent do local integration practices for children of immigrants comply with Italy’s national understanding of integration? A study of educational projects in the region of Emilia-Romagna.
  • The Legitimacy of Tradition: Faith and Knowledge in Nietzsche and Habermas
  • Why does the use of rape as a human rights violation vary between and within state and non-state actors? Sexual Violence during the Spanish and Peruvian Civil War.
  • What motivated so many Spanish people to voluntarily rebel with Franco’s Nationalist side during the Spanish Civil War?
  • A Realist Explanation for the Bengali Genocide of 1971.
  • Institutions and Natural Morality in Adam Smith
  • According to Nietzsche, why does suffering need meaning?
  • Solidarity in the Common European Asylum System: Burden Sharing or Burden Shifting?
  • Why didn't economic development lead to democratisation in Russia and China?
  • ‘A sign of greater things to come?’ An analysis of the EU’s post-Lisbon criminal law competence and policy on fraud against the EU budget
  • "Why kill half when you could kill them all?" The strategic logic behind gendered and root-and-branch genocides
  • An Analysis of the French Identity Crisis
  • What are the impacts of homophilous ties on unilateral and multlateral interventions?
  • Explain the cultural identity and sense of belonging of the second and third generation Turks in Germany and their citizenship problems.
  • Rebellions of the belly or a hunger for revolution? An analysis of the 2007-08 food riots through Thompson's 'moral economy' framework.
  • Help or hindrance? Gender discourse in the Enlightenment salon of Madame Geoffrin.
  • Microfinance and Women's Empowerment: what works in the context of Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • Was the Cuban revolution socialist? Applying two interpretations of Karl Marx´s theory of history to the Cuban case.
  • The case of securitization of migration in modern France.
  • Resisting at a Distance: Transnational Politics in the Ivorian diaspora
  • Analysis of the Lega Nord's European Positions since 2004
  • The French Roots of Alawite Power - How and in what ways did France's mandate of Syria (1920-1946) empower the Alawite community?
  • The Deontological Dilemma
  • 'Making the world safe for democracy'? A Regional Analysis of State-building in post-Saddam Iraq
  • Is EU family reunification law discriminatory against women and thus non-compliant with EU non-discrimination law?
  • The rise of extreme-right parties in contemporary Europe: a comparative study of Italy and the Low Countries.
  • Critical Thinking and Ethics in Adorno
  • To what extent is the European Court of Justice an activist court?
  • "The City Must Perish" - Soviet Disurbanist Planners and the Cultural Revolution
  • The Impact of Domestic Market Preferences on Trade Liberalisation in Russia after Accession to the WTO
  • On Human Equality
  • Legitimacy through Deliberation? The Democratic Deficit and the European Citizen's Initiative.
  • Re-engaging the public in International Development through Town Twinnings.
  • How do social media influence dynamics of collective action mobilisation? Bridging the gap between the personal networks of the East German Revolution, 1989, and the virtual networks of the Egyptian Revolution, 2011.

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