Past Dissertations

Below are the titles of dissertations completed by last year's finalists. For older examples, please click on the appropriate year in the list at the end of the page.

Dissertations of Finalists 2013

  • The Chinese in Spain: A study of the community's social connectedness on a transnational scale
  • A Comparison of the Constitutional protection and interaction between religious groups and the State in the UK and Spain.
  • An investigation into the domination and the championing of the individual in Adorno’s philosophy of late capitalist society
  • Celebrating ethnicity: The role of East Asian female immigrants in the household during and beyond festival times in Paris.
  • Co-opting or Co-operating? Funding Civil Society through the Presidential Grant Scheme
  • Does the EU need a revised common border policy? Are current arrangements to the detriment of the human rights of asylum seekers coming from non-EU countries in turmoil?
  • Empowerment as Freedom: To what extent is Microfinance a Means for the Empowerment of Women? Evidence from Paraguay
  • Forged on the battlefield: The influence of armed conflict on the consolidation of Saharawi identity
  • Framing aid in times of crisis: How did German public rhetoric on foreign aid change between 2005 and 2009?
  • From Multiculturalism to Individualism: Trends in socio-economic integration and exclusion among Moroccan immigrants to the Netherlands.
  • From subnational to supranational identity: What can the prevalence of subnational identity in Spain tell us about the future prominence of a European identity?
  • Housing rights in a context of crisis: mortgage possession proceedings in Spanish and English law.
  • How and to what extent did the mass consumption of automobiles and other consumer goods in France during the period 1946 - 1968 contribute to a tangible social and cultural shift?
  • How did Spanish films produced immediately before and after the death of Franco explore collective memories of the Spanish Civil War and of the forty-year dictatorship?
  • Images Carved in Feminine Flesh
  • In what ways was the idea of a ‘mission civilisatrice’ conceived and applied in French Algeria from 1871 to 1914?
  • Institutions or Geography? The Italian Mezzogiorno's Trading Troubles
  • It’s the position on the Economy, Stupid! A New Approach to Positional Economic Voting in the 2010 UK General Election.
  • Jurisdictional Mandates: Can an inherently limited transnational European court craft a genuine status of European citizenship?
  • Justifications for Corporate Gender Quotas in the German Debate
  • London 2012: urban regeneration and public spaces of well-being.
  • Small State Theory in a High Stakes in Environment: Norway's Role in the Arctic.
  • The Different-Country - how the ´No to the EU- Movement´ used the myth of Norwegian national identity in their campaign prior to the referendum of 1994.
  • The European Constitutional Treaty referendum in France: an empirical analysis of its unexpected outcome
  • The German and Slav ethnic and linguistic minorities in the Italian Nordest during the Fascist politica italianizzante.
  • The House of Lords has features and functions that are both invaluable to the constitution and at threat by proposals to elect peers.
  • The Rebirth of our Nation': Russian Football fans and societal ethno-nationalism
  • The Social Provisions of Extremist Groups: How public goods provision leads to internal legitimacy and rising support levels in the cases of Hezbollah and Hamas
  • The supremacy of the elected House of Commons over the unelected House of Lords is the fundamental feature of the relationship between the two Houses of Parliament. This arrangement is essential to the efficacy of government.
  • To what extent can the rise of social media challenge our traditional understandings of protest movements?
  • Transitions from terrorism in Northern Ireland and the Basque Country. Can comparative “asymmetrical war of attrition” analysis explain the differing disengagement outcomes of ETA and the IRA?
  • 'We Good Europeans': Nietzsche, nationalism and a new Europe
  • Why do some civil war mediations succeed while others fail?
  • Why is there no common EU position on China's policies towards Tibet?
  • Why is there still violence in the ‘post-conflict’ DRC, despite the presence of the largest and most expensive UN peacekeeping mission in the world?

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