ESPS2102 - The Politics of European Integration (not running 2014-15)

Prerequisites: None, but not available to students who have taken POS6006 Politics of the EU.
Course value: 0.5 unit
Convenor: Professor Philippe Marlière
Duration: One term
Teaching structure: One hour lecture and one hour seminar
Assessment: 1 unseen two-hour written exam (80%), 1 assessed essay of 2,500 words (20%)
Available to: First Years, Second Years, and Affiliates

Course Description:

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the process of European integration, and its current political implications for European nation-states. It discusses the origins and development of the EU, different theoretical models of integration, policy aspects of the EU such as the European Social Policy, the main EU institutions (notably the European Parliament), party politics in the EU and the rise of a 'EU political scene'. It finally looks at the question of enlargement of the EU and its political implications.