First Year

Before term starts

  • Post a hard copy of your form to reach ESPS by Friday 13th September.

Induction Week

There are a number of welcome meetings, individual appointments, talks and parties to attend.

  • Attend the First Year Welcome Meeting at 10:00 on Monday 23 September in Medawar G01, Lankester LT.
  • Attend the preliminary meeting of the core module ESPS1001 on Wednesday 25 September at 14:00 in Roberts G08 David Davies.
  • Attend the Welcome Talks on Wednesday 25 September at 14:30, in Roberts G08 David Davies. This will include talks from UCL's Voluntary Service Unit, UCL's Careers Service, the European Society, students in other year groups and ESPS graduates. This is also where you will meet your mentor - an experienced ESPS student.
  • Enjoy yourself at the joint ESPS and Philosophy Department party on Wednesday 25 September at 16:30 on the Portico Steps in the Front Quad. This is where new and returning students first get to know one another.
  • Attend the Transition Programme Information Session on Thursday 26 September at 10:30 in the Bloomsbury Theatre. To help you, and in addition to your personal tutor, UCL operates the 'Transition at UCL' programme. This is a student-led support network to help new students adjust to university and overcome initial challenges and anxieties in consultation with their peers. Several 'Mentors' - experienced ESPS students - will guide new students through the features of university life and academic study in a series of talks and informal gatherings held throughout the first year. You will also hear from various UCL support services including: rights and advice, UCLU, dean of students, counselling, health centre, voluntary services.
  • Join an ESPS Library tour with June Hedges on Thursday 26 September at: 16:00 - 16:00-16:30 (surnames A-H), 16:30 - 17:00 (surnames I-P), 17:00 - 17:30 (Q-Z). Meet by the statue in the Main Library.
  • Attend welcome meetings and registration sessions in the departments of your chosen modules. You will visit the departments of your chosen subjects to familiarise yourself with their locations and to find out where the teaching will take place and if there is a reading list or other set of instructions to be noted before teaching begins. Remember to check your obligations with the departments of your chosen subjects.
  • Register your modules on Portico. In the event of any problems contact Andrew King with the course codes, not course titles.

Summary of the week's events.