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Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast.

A new study lead by Prof Julienne Stroeve says year-to-year forecasts of the Arctic’s summer ice extent are not yet reliable.

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GEOL2009 Surface Processes & Structures



To provide students with a knowledge and understanding of:

  • sediment transport / deposition processes in a range of sedimentary environments;
  • measurement and interpretation of tectonic structures, and
  • sequence stratigraphic context of above.


Students will gain:

  • an understanding of sedimentary rocks;
  • a basic understanding of simple fluid dynamics applied to sediment transport/deposition processes;
  • an understanding of process-based aspects of selected modern and ancient sedimentary environments, variability and criteria for recognition;
  • an introduction to the concept of sequence stratigraphy as tool to help understand the temporal/spatial variability of sediments and sedimentary environments;
  • ability to measure and interpret various structures, including kinematic indicators in relation to the development of a mountain belt.


The course is designed to provide Second Year students with an understanding of:

  • Sedimentary processes and deposits.
  • Palaeobiological aspects of stratigraphy.
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Structural geology.
  • Tectonics and sedimentation.
Title Surface Processes & Structures
UG Code GEOL2009
Coordinator Prof. Kevin Pickering
Other Contributors  
Term 2
Credit 0.5 CU
Written Exam  
Coursework Field notebooks 100%
Pre-Requisites GEOL1012 Surface Processes
Maths & Stats Content and Requirement Students should be familiar with algebraic manipulation, graphical representation of data (including logarithmic scales) and simple calculus. They should be able to use Microsoft Excel for data analysis (including some basic statistics, i.e., mean, mode, standard deviation).
Total Number of Hours of Student Work 188 hours
Hours of Lectures/Seminars 20 hours
Hours of Practicals/Problem Classes 10 hours
Hours of Tutorials As needed.
Days of Fieldwork Tbc.

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