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Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast.

A new study lead by Prof Julienne Stroeve says year-to-year forecasts of the Arctic’s summer ice extent are not yet reliable.

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Code Value Title
GEOL1001 0.5 Earth Materials
GEOL1002 0.5 From Petrology to Petrogenesis
GEOL1003 0.5 History of Life
GEOL1004 0.5 Dynamic Earth
GEOL1006 0.5 Foundations of Physical Geoscience
GEOL1012 0.5 Surface Processes
GEOL1013 0.5 The Earth
GEOL1014 0.5 Geochemistry
GEOL1015 0.5 Geology of Planetary Bodies
GEOL2004 0.5 Chemistry of Earth Environments
GEOL2008 0.5 Vertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution
GEOL2009 0.5 Surface Processes & Structures
GEOL2010 0.5 Igneous Petrology
GEOL2012 0.5 Metamorphism
GEOL2014 0.5 Global Geophysics
GEOL2016 0.5 Atmosphere, Weather & Climate
GEOL2026 0.5 Maps, Images and Structures
GEOL2027 0.5 Structural Geology and Tectonics
GEOL3003 1.0 Geodynamics & Global Tectonics
GEOL3011 0.5 Geosciences Report
GEOL3030 0.5 Field Methods in Active Tectonics
GEOL3036 1.0 Biodiversity and Macroevolutionary Patterns
GEOL3038 1.0 Experimental Methods in Water-Rock Interaction
GEOL3040 0.5 Crustal Dynamics, Mountain Building and Basin Evolution (fieldtrip only; no taught element)
GEOL3042 1.0 Geological/Environmental Mapping Project
GEOL3043 0.5 Earth Resources & Sustainability
GEOLM002 0.5 Earthquake Seismology & Earthquake Hazards
GEOLM003 0.5 Earth & Planetary System Science
GEOLM006 0.5 Earth & Planetary Materials
GEOLM008 0.5 Physical Volcanology & Volcanic Hazard
GEOLM010 0.5 Tectonic Geomorphology
GEOLM012 0.5 Palaeoclimatology
GEOLM018 0.5 Palaeoceanography
GEOLM021 0.5 Melting and Volcanism
GEOLM022 0.5 Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources
GEOLM037 0.5 Deep Earth & Planetary Modelling
GEOLM905 1.5 Independent MSci Project

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