St Pancras Gardens


St. Pancras Old Church & Garden: An Educational Resource

This resource for schools is designed to support teaching and learning about rocks and weathering for the following:

  • Science at Key Stages 3 and 4
  • Geography at GCSE and AS level

Additional information about the people buried here and some of the places associated with them provide additional interest and value to the visit.

Comments and suggestions: We welcome your comments and would be pleased to be advised of any inaccuracies. Please contact Dr. Wendy Kirk, Department of Earth Sciences, University College London.

This resource has been researched and designed by Frances Cooper, Department of Earth Sciences, University College London. We are grateful to the Friends of UCL for supporting this venture.

Key references used in discussing gravestone weathering in this resource are given at the end of that section rather than within the text.

How To Use This Resource

This resource provides field sites and background information for use within areas of the curriculum concerned with different rock types and how they weather. The site incorporates the following information:

The Rox Box is a loans box available for teachers. It contains three sets of examples of twelve different rock types, and is appropriate for use at key stages 3 or 4, in preparation for a visit to St. Pancras Old Church and Gardens.

For further information and to book a loan, please contact
Dr. Wendy Kirk, Department of Earth Sciences, UCL.

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