Graduate Tutors

Graduate Tutors

Dr Anne McMunn and Dr Annie Britton

The role of the academic tutor(s) is to:

  • promote the professional development of graduate students;
  • exercise general academic and pastoral oversight of graduate students in the Department;
  • serve as a source of information about graduate regulations and resources for both students and staff;
  • carry out or delegate administrative tasks in relation to graduate admissions including the production of appropriate graduate recruitment literature;
  • carry out or delegate administrative tasks in relation to research student upgrading, all graduate examination arrangements and liaise with the Registrar as appropriate;
  • assist as appropriate, in the promotion and monitoring of quality assurance for graduate students in the Department and ensure that the Research Student Log is used by all research students;
  • communicate with the Faculty Graduate Tutor regarding issues affecting graduate students, and be informed by the Faculty Tutor of such matters that may arise in key College and Faculty committees;
  • where appropriate serve on the Faculty Graduate Teaching committee and chair the Departmental Graduate Committee;
  • act as the key contact between the Department, the Faculty Graduate Tutor and the Head of the Graduate School.

All research students are assigned two supervisors: a primary supervisor, who will be responsible for directing their research training, and a subsidiary supervisor, who is normally there to help assess progress, deal with any problems and provide for continuity of supervision in the event of the absence or departure of the principal supervisor. Where the area of research is cross-disciplinary, say in epidemiology and statistics, it may be appropriate to allocate two co-supervisors.

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