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Short Courses: Multilevel modelling for health research with MLwiN. 3-day intensive course 29th June-1st July 2011

This course will cover concepts of multilevel models and how to analyse continuous and binary data outcomes in a multilevel framework. Examples will be taken from health and education research. The course is designed to give participants a good understanding of multilevel modelling. The course will be a mixture of theoretical sessions and practical sessions using the MLwiN package to illustrate the theoretical concepts.  Topics to be covered will include: Introduction to multilevel models, random intercept and random coefficient (slope) models, examining residuals, hypothesis testing, multilevel models for binary data and an introduction to multilevel models for repeated measures/longitudinal data.

Courses (for UCL research students only)

Introduction to Study Design and Analysis for Epidemiology and Social Science

Statistical Analysis Methods for Epidemiology and Social Sciences. All day sessions Wednesdays Term 2 and Thursdays Term 3

Courses (UCL research students and ESRC DTC non-UCL students )

Multilevel modelling for health research with MLwiN. 28th June 2012-29th June 2012

Longitudinal data analysis. 28th March 2011-30th March 2012.

This course covers: a general introduction to types of longitudinal studies and thinking longitudinally; methods for analysing two time-points; analysing continuous data from more than 2 time-points; growth curve models; generalised estimating equations (GEE); random effects models and GEE models for binary data.

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Statistics Advisory Service
The medical statistics clinic is staffed on a rotating basis by Epidemiology & Public Health statisticians. It is intended to provide brief advice on study planning and data analysis and interpretation and is open to all research staff and PhD students within the UCL Medical School. Prospective clients are asked to prepare a brief written summary of the problem in order to identify statisticians with relevant expertise.

17 June 2010 David Boniface: Components of adjustment to regression sums of squares and their representation on a new generalisation of the Venn diagram.
Pete Philipson: Tests for hazard transformation models
10 Dec 09 Jenny Head:Estimating social inequalities in trajectories of health decline in studies with informative drop-out: a sensitivity analysis
Paola Zaninotto:Socio-economic status and trajectories of health
4 March 09
Rebecca Hardy: Meta-analysis
Gareth Ambler: Regression splines
7 July 08 David Boniface: ‘Using non-linear regression to predict the future shape of the BMI distribution’
Jenny Head: ‘Forecasting prevalence of adult obesity to 2012’
& Paola Zaninotto
28 Jan 08 Gita Mishra: ‘Short-term weight change and the incidence of diabetes in mid-life’
16 July 07 Jenny Head: ‘Non-linear exposure-response associations’
Amanda Sacker: ‘Growth curve models’
22 Jan 07 David Boniface: ‘Bootstrapping in STATA’

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