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'1pm' Seminar Series

Title: ‘Health behaviour change in cancer survivors’

Speaker: Ms Kate Williams

Date & Time: Tuesday 19th March 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


There are a range of physical and emotional consequences of surviving cancer, including an increased risk of chronic disease and second primary cancers.  Given the role of health behaviours in cancer prevention, increasing attention has turned to the potential benefits of behaviour change for cancer survivors.  Findings from observational studies and a small number of trials suggest that stopping smoking, consuming a low fat diet and being physically active are associated with better health outcomes for cancer survivors.  However, there is a need for cheap and effective health behaviour change interventions that can be implemented on a large scale.

The aim of my PhD is to develop a simple behaviour change intervention for cancer survivors.  In the first stages I examined the long-term effect of a cancer diagnosis on health behaviours and well-being, and explored the attitudes of cancer survivors’ ‘social networks’ on the provision of health behaviour advice to cancer patients.  Future work will include: 1) a review of existing health behaviour recommendations for cancer survivors, 2) surveys to explore the attitudes of cancer patients and health professionals towards the provision of health behaviour advice for cancer patients, 3) the development and pilot of intervention materials to improve health behaviours among cancer survivors.

Kate graduated in 2008 with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Kent, and then went on to complete an MSc in Health Psychology at UCL in 2009.  She joined the Health Behaviour Research Centre in 2011 to undertake her PhD under the supervision of Professor Jane Wardle, Dr Rebecca Beeken and Dr Abigail Fisher.  She is funded by Cancer Research UK.

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