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'1pm' Seminar Series

Title: 'Exploring the economics of care at the end of life'

Speaker: Mr Jeff Round

Date & Time: Friday 22nd March 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


End of life and palliative care is an area that has to date received little attention from health economists. Fundamental questions remain unanswered. It is not known how much providing care to people at the end of life costs society, nor is it well understood how that market operates and the interactions between public health and social care providers, private care providers, charitable providers of care and informal caregivers. Additionally, it is not clear whether existing theories of demand for healthcare apply to patients who are facing the end of their life. In this PhD I begin to answer these questions by estimating the cost of providing care to people at the end of life, describing the market for care and developing and testing a theory of demand for healthcare at the end of life. 

I am currently a Senior Research Associate in the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Unit, in the Department of Mental Health Sciences. The unit focuses on issues of end of life and palliative care. My research interests cover the market and demand for end of life care, decision analysis in palliative care populations and the conceptual basis of health related quality of life measurement in palliative populations. I started my PhD in 2011 on a part-time basis under the supervision of Professor Steve Morris and Dr Louise Jones.

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