Previous seminars

Monday 14th December 2015 1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Work-life balance, stress and depression in the Whitehall II study' Ms Sayadda Tahera Razavi  PhD student  
Thursday 3rd December 2015  12.00-1pm  G37 & G38   'The impact of eating self-regulatory skills on weight control and dietary habit formation in adults' Ms Nathalie Kliemann PhD student  
Tuesday 1st December 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   TBA  Researchers from the Dental Public Health Group
Friday 27th November 2015  1.30pm-2.30pm  G37   ‘Exploring socio-economic gradients in oral health among a national sample of Thai adults’ Ms Nichamon Chaianant PhD student  
Tuesday 10th November 2015 1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Development and evaluation of complex digital interventions for smoking cessation and cessation medication adherence – focus on smartphone apps' Ms Aleksandra Herbec PhD student  
Friday 6th November 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Alcohol drinking practices among migrants in England'  Ms Wan Ahmad Fakuradzi PhD student
Tuesday 3rd November 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   TBA  Researchers from the Alcohol Research Interest Group
Monday 26th October 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Does intergenerational social mobility affect general health, oral health and physical function among older adults in England?' Ms Alejandra Letelier Rodriguez PhD student
Friday 23rd October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Life stress, economic change and cardiovascular diseases in Central and Eastern Europe' Dr Taavi Tillman PhD student 
Friday 16th October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Examining relationships between food environments and adult obesity in Mexico using geographical information systems’ Ms Ana Elisa Pineda Valenzuela  PhD student
Friday 9th October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Development and preliminary testing of a tailored pre-treatment swallowing intervention package for patients with head and neck cancer' Ms Roganie Govender PhD student
Tuesday 6th October 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'England’s post-war birth cohorts: living longer, but are they healthier?' Dr Stephen Jivraj Lecturer Health and Social Surveys Research Group
Friday 25th September 2015  10.30-11.30 G37 & G38  'The link between stress and heart disease: the role of the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoild receptors  Ms Amy Ronaldson PhD student  
Friday 11th September  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Promoting uptake of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening'  Mr Robert Kerrison  PhD student
Monday 27th July 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Alcohol consumption across the lifecourse and lipids'  Ms Melanie Lacey PhD student  
Tuesday 14th July 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Self-reported work disability and early retirement’ Professor Omar Paccagnella, University of Padua
Friday 10th July 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 ‘Understanding use of antithrombotic therapies in England: risk prediction and outcome studies using CALIBER linked electronic health records’ Ms Laura Pasea  PhD student
Friday 26th June 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38 'Gender Equity: Greater than the sum of its parts' Dr Geordan Shannon  PhD student
Tuesday 23rd June 2015 2.30-3.30 G37 & G38 'The association between dental caries and anthropometric measures in 5-9 year old Bangladeshi children' Ms Masuma Pervin Mishu PhD student
Friday 19th June 2015 * POSTPONED 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Alcohol consumption across the lifecourse and lipids'  Ms Melanie Lacey  PhD student
Wednesday 17th June 2015 * POSTPONED 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Development of an Arabic smoking cessation smartphone application' Mr Abdallaziz Alzahrane PhD student
Friday 5th June 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Using Mendelian randomization to investigate the association between body mass index (BMI) and measures of sleep' Ms Ana Victoria Garfield  PhD student
Friday 22nd May 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 ‘Maternal Health Care Service Access to Dalit Women with Disabilities in Nepal’ Mr Hridaya Raj Devkota PhD student 
Friday 8th May 2015 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'A life course assessment of health self-management in the MRC NSHD' Ms Rebecca Woodward PhD student
Tuesday 5th May 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  ‘Health, Work and Retirement Longitudinal Study of Older New Zealanders’ Dr Mary Breheny, School of Public Health, Massey University, NZ 
Friday 17th April 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Associations between social support and weight changes in the Whitehall II study and bariatric surgery patients' Ms Urszula Tymoszuk PhD student
Friday 27th March 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Trajectories in predictors of depressive symptoms in older people using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing' Ms Sungano Chigogora PhD student  
Wednesday 25th March 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   'Psychosocial impact of a diagnosis of human papillomavirus oropharyngeal cancer' Ms Rachael Dodd PhD student
Friday 20th March 2015  1pm-2pm G37 & G38   'Cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors in Kazakhstan' Mr Adil Supiyev PhD student
Friday 13th March 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Lung cancer screening: attitudes, sociodemographic factors and informed uptake'  Ms Samantha Quaife PhD student 
Friday 13th February 2015  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'The effect of school socioeconomic context in interrelation with family, peer and community factors on binge drinking among Chilean adolescents'  Ms Maria Francisca Roman Mella PhD student  
Friday 6th February 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Does a good job make women happier? : Findings from the Japanese Study of Health, Occupation, and Psychosocial Factors Related Equity (J-HOPE)' Dr Maki Umeda, University of Tokyo
Friday 30th January 2015 - POSTPONED 1pm-2pm  G37 & G38 'Alcohol drinking practices among migrants in England' Ms Wan W Ahmad Fakuradzi PhD student
Friday 23rd January 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'The psychoneuroimmunology of music: modulation of psychological state, stress levels and immune response through participatory interventions' Ms Daisy Fancourt PhD student
Friday 16th January 2015  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Non-employment, a risk factor for cognitive decline?' Ms Alison Sizer PhD student
Friday 12th December 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38 'Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease: the role of biological stress processes and psychosocial well-being'  Ms Ruth Hackett PhD student 
Wednesday 10th December 2014  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'Systematic review and meta analysis of the effect of population and individual level tobacco interventions on inequalities in smoking and modelling the future impacts of these interventions' Ms Marhazlinda Jamaludin PhD student 
Friday 5th December 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'Clustering health-related behaviours and their association with subjective health outcomes using two British birth cohort studies'  Ms Claire Mawditt PhD student  
Friday 28th November 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'Leisure time physical activity across adulthood: early life factors and subsequent health outcomes'  Mr Ahmed Elhakeem PhD student
Thursday 27th November 2014  1pm2pm Galton LT  'Appetitive traits in adolescent and adult populations' Ms Claudia Hunot PhD student
Friday 7th November  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38 ‘Alcohol consumption and the risk of Type II diabetes mellitus (T2DM): the importance of drinking trajectories and the life course perspective’ Mr Craig Knott PhD student 
Friday 24th October 2014  1pm-2pm   G37 & G38   'Virtual field trips as physically active lessons for children'  Ms Emma Norris  PhD student
Friday 3rd October 2014  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38   ‘Psychosocial factors and cortisol sampled from hair and saliva’ Ms Bianca Serwinski PhD student
Tuesday 1st July 2014 1pm-2pm   Galton LT ‘Psychosocial Work Environment and Oral Health in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)’ Ms Esraa Aldalooj PhD student
Monday 23rd June 2014 12-1pm G37 & G38   ‘The role of appetite in regulating the quality and quantity of children’s dietary intake’ Ms Hayley Syrad PhD student
Thursday 19th June 2014 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Sleep, weight and energy intake in early childhood'  Ms Laura McDonald PhD student
Friday 6th June 2014  1pm-2pm  G37 & G38  'The ageing experience: perceived age discrimination, self-perceptions of ageing and cognitive function in older adults'  Ms Isla Rippon PhD student  
Friday 23rd May 2014  1pm-2pm G37 & G38  ‘Preferences for colorectal cancer screening tests’ Mr Alex Ghanouni PhD student 
Friday 9th May 2014
G37 & G38
'Marital history and physical functioning at older ages in England and the USA'
Ms Natasha Wood PhD student
Friday 25th April 2014
G37 & G38
'Exploring the discordance between self-reported and performance-based measures of physical capability'
Ms Elizabeth Wloch PhD student
Friday 11th April 2014
G37 & G38

‘Is diabetes more toxic for CVD in ethnic minorities?’
Dr Therese Tillin, Research Fellow, UCL
Institute of Cardiovascular Science
Friday 4th April 2014
 1pm-2pm G37 & G38
'Lifetime mental health and survival in a national birth cohort'
Ms Gemma Archer PhD student
Friday, 28th March 2014
 1pm-2pm G37 & G38
‘Clinical and cost-effectiveness assessment of drugs within the UK NHS – the gap between clinical trials and practice’ Mr Pritesh Bodalia PhD student
Friday, 21st March 2014
G37 & G38
'Health literacy decline during ageing: a longitudinal analysis'
Ms Lindsay Kobayashi PhD student
Wednesday, 19th March 2014
1pm-2pm G37 & G38
 'Alcohol as an issue for public health' Professor Robin Room, School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre
Friday, 14th March 2014
G37 & G38
'The relationship between retirement and CVD and moderating effect of social participation: a comparison between China and England'
Ms Baowen Xue PhD student
*Thursday 6th March 2014
G37 & G38
'Examining the determinants in the time course of Atrial Fibrillation: factors affecting risk and prognosis'
Mr Joshua Wallace PhD student
*Tuesday 4th March 2014
G37 & G38
'Time trends in psychosocial disorders among young people and their explanation' Mr Andy Ross PhD student
*Thursday 27th February 2014
1pm- 2pm
G37 & G38
'An analysis of sickness absences records (for 2008-2012), ill health retirement IHR (2010-2012) and employees’ perceptions of the health and safety management systems in Abu Dhabi police’. Mr Faisal Al Khaabi PhD student
*Tuesday 25th February 2014
G37 & G38
‘Metabolically healthy obesity: associations with physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and risk of type 2 diabetes’ Mr Joshua Bell PhD student
Friday, 7th February 2014
G37 & G38
'Understanding social inequalities in cervical cancer'
Ms Elaine Douglas PhD student
*Thursday, 30th January 2014
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Projections of obesity and its health consequences in the Mexican population. Construction of a simulation model' Ms Luz Maria Sanchez Romero PhD student
*Wednesday, 29th January 2014
G37 & G38 'Heart rate and the initial presentation and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases: data from a longitudinal electronic health records study and a prospective clinical cohort' Ms Olia Archangelidi PhD student
Friday, 17th January 2014
G37 & G38
'Gender, work and domestic practices in 21st century Britain– Implications for family well-being and child development' Ms Lauren Bird PhD student
Tuesday, 7th January 2014
1pm-2pm G37 & G38
'Differential leukocyte counts and the incidence and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases in linked electronic health records’ Dr Anoop D Shah PhD student


Friday 20th December 2013

1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Unemployment, inflammation and depression in middle age'
Ms Amanda Hughes PhD student
Friday 13th December 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'The role of social support in cognitive ageing'
Ms Jing Liao PhD student
Friday 29th November 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Fruit, vegetable consumptions, micronutrient intakes, dietary patterns and cardiovascular disease in Central and Eastern Europe' Dr Denes Stefler PhD student
*Thursday 28th November 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 Czech ELSPAC Study Dr Jiri Jarkovsky, Institute of Biostatistics and Analysis, Masaryk University, Brno
Friday 8th November 2013
1pm-2pm G08 Sir David Davies LT, Roberts Building, 'Measurement and Analytical Challenges in Studies of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and their Environmental Correlates' Dr David Berrigan, National  Cancer Institute, NIH USA
Friday 18th October 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Physical Activity and sedentary behaviour in a school sample of Kuwaiti adolescents: Sociodemographic correlates and associations with adiposity and blood pressure: The Study of Health and Activity among Adolescents in Kuwait’ Ms Rawan Hasheem PhD student
*Wednesday 31st July 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Association between Dental attendance Patterns and Oral Health in a national sample of British adults’ Ms Tania Gill PhD student
Friday 24th May 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Development of a digital smoking cessation intervention package for pregnant smokers'
Ms Ildiko Tombor
PhD student
*Tuesday 21st May 2013
 G37 & G38

'Physical activity in the early years: how much is needed, how important is it, and how can we best promote it?'

Physical Activity Research Group (UCL-PARG) Seminar

Professor Anthony Okely, University of Wollongong, Australia
Friday 19th April 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 ‘Socioeconomic Inequalities in High Blood Pressure in the Chilean Adult Population’ Miss Andrea Guerrero-Ahumada PhD student
Friday 12th April 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'A comparative study of HIV knowledge, attitude and practices within the deaf community of Nyanza and Western Counties, Kenya'
Mr Robert Keatley
PhD student
*Thursday 11th April 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Relationship between selected political factors and oral health inequalities: a cross-national analysis'

Ms Carol Cristina Guarnizo-Herreño

PhD student

*Thursday 21st March 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'At the heart of education: cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of the relationship between education and coronary heart disease risk in men and women'
Ms Milagros Ruíz PhD student
*Tuesday 19th March 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Health behaviour change in cancer survivors'
Ms Kate Williams PhD student
Friday 15th March 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'Social relations, alcohol consumption and depressive symptoms.  A comparison of the UK and Central Eastern Europe'
Ms Margherita Franchi PhD student
*Tuesday 12th March 2013
G37 & G38 'Developing and Testing an Oral Health-Related Quality of life Measure for Children/ Adolescents with Down syndrome' Ms AlBandary Al Jameel PhD student
Friday 1st March 2013
1pm-2pm G37 & G38 'The role of alcohol consumption on physical functioning in middle-aged and older adults in Central and Eastern Europe: the HAPIEE study'
Ms Yaoyue Hu PhD student
*Tuesday 26th February 2013
'Is too much sitting bad for your health' Prof. David Dunstan, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Friday 15th February 2013
G37 & G38 ‘Food preferences and eating behaviour in early childhood’ Ms Alison Fildes PhD student
*Wednesday 6 February 2013 1pm-2pm G37 & G38 Microbial “Old Friends”, immunoregulation and psychiatric disorders Prof. Graham A. W. Rook BA MB BChir MD (Emeritus) Centre for Clinical Microbiology UCL

3 Dec
Professors Heloisa Bettiol, University of Sao Paulo; Marcelo Zubaran Goldani, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul 'Three Decades of Birth Cohort Studies in Brazil: Collaborative Opportunities'
23 Nov
Sulman Almalki 'The association between risk-taking behaviours, peer influence and traumatic dental injuries among adolescents in Saudi Arabia'
*15 Nov
Stephanie Schrempft 'The home food and activity environment in early childhood'
9 Nov
Dr Antonio Lazzarino 'The combined association of psychological distress and socio-economic status with mortality from stroke, coronary heart disease, and from all causes: a national cohort study'
12 Oct
Sarah Young 'The psychological consequences of weight loss in the general population’
*4 Oct
Sam Smith 'Using ‘gist-based’ information to reduce inequalities and improve cancer screening uptake’
14 Sept
Dr Séverine Sabia ‘Health behaviours and ageing’
13 July
Lizzy Leigh ‘Marriage and coronary heart disease: patients and partners’
29 June
Sung-Wei Chen 'Effort-Reward Imbalance at Work, Perceived Control, and Health Behaviours in Central and Eastern Europe'
22 June
Dr Michael Holmes ‘Public health applications of cardiovascular genomics’
15 June
Prof Harry Hemingway ‘Linked electronic health records for research: opportunities at UCL’
25 May
Prof Goya Wannamethee 'Risk factors for CVD: 3 decades  of findings from the British Regional Heart Study'
11 May
Dr Jason Strelitz 'From Brief Interventions to the "Good Society" Challenges in implementing policy to combat health inequalities’
* 9 May
Tuba Mazhari 'An investigation of the association between marital history and cardiovascular disease'
27 Apr
Sophie Bostock ‘Is happiness good for the heart? An investigation into the psychobiological mechanisms linking well-being and cardiovascular disease’
13 Apr
Prof Peter Davis, University of Auckland, 'Developing a policy tool for the early life course’
30 Mar
Gyuri Kim 'CASP, a measure of positive Quality of Life in old age: Evaluation of its use and association with mortality. The HAPIEE Study’
23 Mar
Emma Low ‘Identifying factors involved in a longer time to help-seeking for gynaecological cancer symptoms'
16 Mar
Patrick Rouxel 'Social Capital and Oral Health in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing - ELSA'
*15 Mar
Peijue Hang Fu 'Dietary Patterns and Metabolic Syndrome in the HAPIEE Study’
2 Mar
Huda Yusuf 'Preventing obesity in young people attending primary dental care settings: an exploratory RCT'
24 Feb
Bidyut Kanti Sarkar 'A cluster randomised trial of a brief tobacco cessation intervention in low income communities in India'
27 Jan
Sadie Boniface 'Finding the missing units: Identifying under-reporting of alcohol consumption in England’
*26 Jan
Silvia Pastorino 'The role of life course BMI, waist circumference and adult dietary patterns in the incidence of type 2 diabetes'
13 Jan
Jemima Stockton ‘An investigation into the associations between mental health and the physical environment’


  • Thursday 24 February 2011 1pm – 3.30pm

An open afternoon for potential research studentsVenue:

Galton Lecture Theatre, First floor (Statistics Dept) 1 – 19 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HB - for further details contact Sandy Persaud or Telephone: +44 (0) 207 679 1697 by Friday 18th February, 2011 and bring invitation with you on the day

16 Dec
Dr Ngaire Coombs 'Compression of Morbidity and Socioeconomic Deprivation in New Zealand: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Analyses of Hospital Utilisation and Mortality'
9 Dec
Linda Ng Fat 'Understanding the behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles of non-drinkers'
2 Dec
Carolina Perez Ferrer 'Socioeconomic inequalities in obesity: the case of Mexico'
11 Nov
Pia Horvat  'Life course socioeconomic circumstances and cognitive function in later life: The HAPIEE (Health, Alcohol and Psychosocial factors in Eastern Europe) Study'
4 Nov
Adrian Baker 'The processes of dissemination and implementation of NICE workplace health and wellbeing guidance in three NHS acute Trusts'
21 Oct
Helen Barrat 'Approaches to improving the standard of decision-making about the organisation and delivery of acute care in the absence of ‘gold standard’ evidence'
7 Oct
Susanne Meisel 'Genetic Test Feedback for Susceptibility to Weight Gain – Emotional and Motivational Effects’
16 Sept
Dr R Wright, University of Windsor, Ontario Canada, 'Tamil Nadu Child  Health Study Phase I & II Examining the Social Determinants of Early Child Development and their Relationship to Child Health'
1 July
Leanne Küpers, Melissa De Neve,Susanne Tielemans, Wageningen University (Netherlands)
24 June
Amina Aitsi-Selmi ‘Does education have a protective role against the obesogenic effects of increased wealth among women in transition settings? A case study from Egypt’
10 June
Prof Jennifer Dowd, City University of New York, 'Are health inequalities infectious?
20 May
Dr Andrew Wills, MRC Unit, ‘Life course trajectories of systolic blood pressure using data from several UK cohorts’
*17 May
Vanessa Gordon-Dseagu 'Investigating the associations between diabetes and cancer (incidence and mortality): Does linked data from the Health Survey for England and Scottish Health Survey with Cancer Registry and mortality data support a relationship between the two diseases?'
13 May
Dr Nicola Shelton and Dr James Kneale 'Alcohol in the UK: a geographical perspective'
*9 May
Jennie Brown 'Understanding the link between positive wellbeing and health'
6 May
Professor Goya Wannamethee, MRC Unit, 'Gamma-glutamyl transferase as a risk marker for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes: new horizons'
15 Apr
Marta Jackowska ‘The relationship between sleep, well-being, and health-related biological function’
8 Apr
Prof Jorge Erusalimsky, University of Wales Institute 'Endothelial cell senescence: evidence, mechanisms and the ageing connection'
18 Mar
Lydia Poole 'Psychological and biological determinants of emotional adaptation and recovery after cardiac surgery'
11 Mar
Dr Manu Mathur 'Status, Gradients and Determinants of Oral Health of Adolescents Living in the City of New Delhi'
25 Feb
Dr Kim Bouillon 'Measurement and Adult Life Course Predictors of Frailty: the Whitehall II study'
18 Feb
Edward Kendall 'Economic analysis of the contribution of health care to health inequalities'
4 Feb
Ayako Hiyoshi 'Health inequalities in Japan between 1986 and 2007'
28 Jan
Dorina Cadar 'The role of health related behaviours on cognitive decline'
14 Jan
David Bann ‘Life course predictors of adult body composition’
17 Dec
Anja Scheiwe 'The role of social capital on children's educational attainment and emotional well-being in the Millennium Cohort Study'
* 13 Dec
Julie George 'Gender differences in coronary disease'
10 Dec
Dr David Batty 'Is there a link between IQ in early life and health in adulthood?
26 Nov
Elsa Karina Delgado Angulo 'The association and potential pathways between some common mental disorders and oral health among Finnish dentate adults'
19 Nov
Prof A Diez Roux, University of Michigan 'Investigating the multilevel determinants of cardiovascular disease: examples of ongoing work from the MESA Neighbourhood and Stress studies'
12 Nov
Steven Bell 'Depression: a cause or consequence of harmful drinking?
22 Oct
Dr Martin O'Flaherty, University of Liverpool 'The Flattening of Coronary Heart Disease Mortality rates: Trends are not set in stone'
15 Oct
Belinda Iringe-Koko 'Illicit tobacco: policy responses, consumption and attitudes'
1 Oct
Helen Croker "Evaluation of a ‘Family-Based Behavioural Treatment’ for childhood obesity"
23 July
Departmental meeting
2 July Romano Endrighi 'Physical activity, adiposity, stress-induced inflammation and CVD risk'
18 June Miriam Armstrong 'Smoking and Risk Taking in Recreational SCUBA Divers'
*28 Apr Norintan Ab Murat 'Estimating Oral Health Manpower Requirements Through Socio-dental and Skill Mix Approaches'
9 Apr
Emma Beard 'Use of nicotine replacement therapy for smoking harm reduction and its association with smoking cessation'
26 Mar Jonas Kinge 'Accounting for socio-economic variation in the cost-effectiveness of public health interventions'
19 Mar Departmental meeting
*18 Mar Jitka Pikhartova 'Is maternal employment in childhood good or bad for the health of young adults?'
*8 Mar Daniel Swerdlow 'Selection of genetic instruments for Mendelian randomisation analysis in the era of whole genome and dense gene-centric SNP arrays'
5 Mar Markus Jokela 'Longitudinal modelling of the bidirectional association between obesity and psychological distress'
26 Feb Rebecca Lacey 'Parental separation and adult psychological distress: material and relational pathways'
19 Feb Prof Diana Kuh, MRC Unit for Lifelong Ageing
12 Feb Gabriel Masset 'Validation of food nutrient profiling against dietary patterns, risk factors and adverse health outcomes in the Whitehall II study'
5 Feb Dr Anna Goodman 'Why do British Indian children have an apparent mental health advantage?'
29 Jan Prof Mark McCarthy 'Inequalities in Health Research'
*26 Jan Ellen Flint 'Economic Recession and Mental Health in the UK: Longitudinal and Spatial Analysis of the British Household Panel Survey, 1991-2007'
22 Jan Dr Gita Mishra 'A structured approach to modelling the effects of binary exposure variables over the life course'
*19 Jan Marianna Virtanen 'Long Working Hours and Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disturbances in Office Workers'
15 Jan Laura Vallejo-Torres 'Vertical equity in the delivery of health care - do individuals with unequal needs receive appropriately different health care?'

*14 Dec Catalina Gonzalez 'Socioeconomic inequalities in reproductive health: the role of gender-based violence, women´s autonomy and forced displacement in Colombia'
11 Dec Olga Vikhireva 'Cardiovascular risk prediction in Central and Eastern Europe'
04 Dec Caroline Coope 'Parental psychological stress, parenting and child socio-emotional behaviour: relationships and pathways in the context of ethnicity and gender'
*03 Dec Dr Ian Forde 'Conditional cash transfer schemes and action on the social determinants of health'
27 Nov Catalina Gonzalez POSTPONED
20 Nov Dr Daniel Kim, Harvard School of Public Health 'Neighborhood attributes and risk of coronary calcification'
06 Nov Jessica Sheringham 'Socioeconomic inequalities in chamydia screening and infection in young people'
23 Oct Rebecca Landy 'Missing data: how does it affect results in an ageing population?'
16 Oct Departmental meeting
02 Oct Dr S L Bassanesi, UFRGS Brazil and Balzan fellow, 'Spatial inequalities and health: good for the rich and bad for the poor?'
25 Sept Dr B Heine Strand, National Institute on Ageing Lifecourse, 'Body mass index in childhood, adolescence and adulthood in relation to adult mortality: Results from the British 1946 birth cohort'
18 Sept Popie Damaskinos 'Exploring the Social Gradient in Clinical and Subjective Measures of Oral Health in an Ageing Greek Population'
10 Jul Prof Hiroyasu Iso, Osaka University, 'Lifestyles, psychosocial factors and cardiovascular disease in Japan'
03 Jul Clare Llewellyn 'Eating behaviours in children and infants: origins and consequences'
*29 June Alice Forster 'The human papillomavirus immunisation programme and sexual behaviour'
*10 June Chloe Grimmett 'Health behaviours in cancer survivors'
05 June Dr J Allen, Dr P Goldblatt 'Marmot Review'
15 May Departmental meeting
01 May Dr L Li, ICH, 'Child-to-adult BMI and height trajectories: a comparison of two British birth cohorts'
28 Apr Gareth Lloyd 'Levels of response to health information'
24 Apr Brian Fisher and Melanie Johnson 'Role of social capital in reducing health inequalities'
27 Mar Dr Mariël Droomers, Centre for Prevention and Health Services Research, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment 'Tackling Health Inequalities in the Netherlands'
13 Mar Dr M Kett & Dr J F Trani, 'Research in Conflict Affected and Fragile States: Examples from Darfur State'
 06 Mar Mr Saeed Al-Zahrani 'Clustering of health-related behaviours among adolescents in Saudi Arabia''
20 Feb Dr E Stamatakis & Dr M Hamer 'Ending the affair with the chair: is elimination of sedentary behaviour public health’s best buy?'
13 Feb Ms G Randall 'Social support in Coronary Heart Disease'
06 Feb Dr Iain Lang, Peninsula Medical School, 'Debt, Depression and Death: Findings from the Health Survey for England and the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing'
16 Jan Dr M Bobak 'Alcohol and CHD: does the pattern of drinking matter?'
12 Dec Dr I Forde 'Co-production: placing the individual within a social determinants approach to health inequity'
05 Dec Prof H Hemingway 'Biomarkers and the prognosis of stable coronary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis'
14 Nov Departmental meeting
07 Nov Ms Dorothy Wade 'Prevalence and predictors of psychological morbidity and quality of life after Intensive Care'
31 Oct Prof E Young, University of Michigan, 'Stress, trauma, depression and cortisol'
24 Oct Dr S Stranges, University of Warwick, 'Selenium and Chronic Disease: Potential Benefits and Adverse Effects'
*21 Oct Ms Laura Webber 'Predictors and consequences of parent feeding practices'
10 Oct Ms Lidia Panico 'Family structures and child health'
03 Oct Prof J Bunker 'Medicine Matters After All: Measuring the benefits of medical care, a healthy lifestyle and a just social environment'
*26 Sept Dr Nico Dragano, Düsseldorf University, 'Local affairs, local lifestyles and environmental equity: multilevel analysis of the Hapiee and the Recall Study'
25 Jul Prof Jane Wardle 'Genetic susceptibility to weight gain: the role of appetite'
18 Jul Krisztina László, 'Health-related correlates of work stress in Hungary'
*14 Jul
Ms Paola Zaninotto 'Gender differences in quality of life and mental health among men and women living with angina or myocardial infarction'
11 Jul Dr E Breeze 'ELSA is growing up – some findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing'
04 Jul Departmental meeting
23 May Mr W McMahon & Ms R Roberts, King's College London, 'Does harm matter more than crime?'
16 May Ms Somaia Dashti, 'Social Determinants of Early Childhood Caries (ECC) in Preschool Children Aged Between (2-5) Years in Kuwait'
09 May Dr Nelly Salgado, 'Social Determinants of Health in Mexico: Research, teaching and funding collaborations on global health with the National Institute of Public Health, Mexico.'
02 May Prof J Belsky & Prof E Melhuis, Birkbeck University of London, 'A Quasi-Experimental Study of Effects of Fully-Established Sure Start Local Programmes on 3-year-old Children and their Families'
25 Apr Prof A Johnson, UCL & Mr H Schmidt, The Nuffield Trust, 'Ethics of public health: the Nuffield Council on Bioethics report on Public health: ethical issues'
18 Apr Dr A Gaina, Toyama University 'The Toyama Birth Cohort Study (the Toyama study)'
04 Apr Dr Anne McMunn, 'Socially productive activities, reciprocity and wellbeing after retirement: Baseline results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)'
14 Mar Dr Eduardo Bernabé 'Role of Sense of Coherence in the relationship between socio-economic status and oral health in Finnish adults'
07 Mar Departmental meeting
06 Mar Dr C Herder, German Diabetes Centre, Dusseldorf, 'Low-grade Inflammation and the risk of type 2 diabetes: results from the MONICA/KORA studies'
29 Feb Dr S Venkatapuram 'New research group: Health determinants, inequalities and social justice'
22 Feb Nina Grant 'Protective psychosocial factors and health'
15 Feb Prof R Ashcroft, Queen Mary University of London, 'Fair or effective access to antiretroviral treatments for HIV/AIDS in high prevalence countries'
01 Feb Dr Claudine Berr, INSERM 'Nutrition and cognition: the COGINUT program'
11 Jan Laura Marlow 'Psychosocial aspect of HPV vaccination'
14 Dec Alexandros Heraclides 'Psychosocial work characteristics and type 2 diabetes: the role of diet and obesity'
07 Dec Katie O'Donnell ‘Psychobiological Determinants of Coronary Heart Disease’
30 Nov Departmental meeting
23 Nov Anna Wikman 'Emotional recovery following acute coronary syndromes'
16 Nov Neil Smith 'Intergenerational Continuities in Ethnic Health Inequalities'
*02 Nov Dr Heba Alkarimi 'Impact of dental caries and dental treatment on Saudi children´s growth and quality of life'
19 Oct Laia Bécares 'The effects on ethnic density on health'
* 20 Jul Natalia Bobrova 'Alcohol drinking patterns in Russia"
*06 Jul Dr M Bobak 'Health, income inequalities and other societal characteristics: a multi-level analysis of Eastern European data'
*18 Jun Prof Mikhail Voevoda, 'Studies of genetics and cardiovascular risk in Novosibirsk'
*15 Jun Emily Power 'Participation in colorectal cancer screening: factors influencing motivation and action'
*06 Jun Dr A. Maryon-Davis, Faculty of Public Health 'Public health awareness: right messages, right media - or right mess?'
04 May Prof T von Wachter, Columbia University, "Mortality, Mass-Layoffs, and Career Outcomes: An Analysis using Administrative Data"
*27 Apr Dr M Bhattacharyya 'A study of psychological factors and biological pathways in everyday life in patients with suspected coronary artery disease'
23 Mar Departmental Meeting
16 Mar Ms E. Holloway 'Physical Therapy for Adults with Asthma'
26 Feb Prof A Dobson, University of Queensland, 'The causes and consequences of being overweight or obese for women at key stages of life: findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health'
23 Feb Dr Mojtaba Dorri 'Assessing Factors Influencing Oral Hygiene Behaviours in Adolescents'
09 Feb Ms R Evans 'Psychological Impact of Testicular Cancer Education'
02 Feb Dr H. Kuper, LSHTM, 'The impact of cataract blindness on poverty and quality of life in Kenya, the Philippines and Bangladesh'
26 Jan Prof John Fox 'Making the best use of our data resources'
19 Jan Dr A Golkari 'Developing a life course methodology to determine timing of adverse early life events: use of enamel defects'
12 Jan Dr J Zaman 'Prognosis of coronary disease across the clinical spectrum in South Asian populations in Britain'
10 Feb Ms Rachel Cooper 'High BMI: cause or consequence of hysterectomy?'
17 Feb Ms Xiaojuan Zeng 'Assessment of relationship between dental status, and ability to eat certain foods, food choice and quality of life in Chinese older population'
24 Feb Prof R West 'A comprehensive theory of motivation and its application to understanding smoking'
03 Mar Dr Jessica Allen, IPPR, 'Equitable choices for health'
17 Mar Dr Wael Sabbah 'Are there social gradients in oral health? If there are, do they correlate with social gradients in general health and associated behaviours?'
24 Mar Prof Stafford Lightman, University of Bristol, 'Combined assessment of sympathetic, parasympathetic and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function in man'
07 Apr Ms Saffron Karlsen, '"Not British and of a foreign country": a comment on the construction of 'ethnicity'
21 Apr Prof Cecil Helman, Brunel University & PCPS, 'Practical and ethical problems of research in a multi-cultural society'
05 May Dr Sarah Edwards, UCLH, 'Regulation and ethics of research'
19 May Dr Hynek Pikhart, 'Social inequalities in health in 1st wave of the HAPIEE Study'
02 Jun Mr Basaruddin Ahmad 'Life Circumstances and Change in Health Related Behaviours'
16 Jun Prof Jerry Morris, LSHTM, 'A minimum income for healthy living'
23 Jun Ms Emily Williams 'Psychosocial factors related to coronary heart disease risk in UK Indian Asian men and women'
30 Jun Dr Ruth Loos MRC Epidemiology Unit 'Choosing snps the systematic way: working with HAPMAP'
22 Sept Prof Len Cook 'Influences on the very long term resilience of retirement provision: -insights from comparisons between New Zealand and the United Kingdom'
29 Sept Prof Benjamin Amick, University of Texas, 'The sticky business of health and productivity research: how can we begin to think about social action research?'
06 Oct Departmental meeting
09 Oct Mr Myung Ki 'Health selection and inequalities in health: complementary not conflicting approaches'
13 Oct Prof M Marmot, Dr S Friel, Dr S Taylor GCSDH
20 Oct Ms Kerina Tull 'Investigating use of commercially prepared foodstuffs and their effect on nutrient intake and infant growth, using a randomised controlled trial in a low-income setting.'
10 Nov Mrs Michelle Byford 'Intergenerational continuities in cognitive function'
* 24 Nov Ms Sarah McBeath 'Evaluating the socioeconomic equity of access to and use of exercise referral schemes'
01 Dec Mr Lion Shahab 'The role of smoking-related biomarkers in tobacco control'
08 Dec Mrs Phillippa Lally 'Habitual Behaviour and Weight Control'
15 Dec Ms E. Webb 'Early life socioeconomic circumstances and the metabolic syndrome in Eastern Europe'
14 Jan Dr Chris Dibben, University of St. Andrews, 'The Health Poverty Index - a health inequalities visualisation system'
21 Jan Professor Mark McCarthy, 'Public health practice and research in Europe'
28 Jan Dr Francesca Perlman 'Socioeconomic position, self-rated health and mortality in Russia'
04 Feb Professor Sir Michael Marmot 'Commission on Social Determinants of Health'
25 Feb Departmental Meeting
04 Mar Harbinder Rai 'Factors affecting health care seeking behaviour'
18 Mar Caroline Wright 'Psychological determinants of neuroendocrine and cardiovascular responsivity'
29 Apr Linda Perkins-Porras 'Psychological factors influencing pre-hospital delay and adherence to treatment in patients diagnosed with Acute Coronary Syndromes'
13 May Lucy Cooke 'Why won't children eat their greens?'
17 Jun Vasant Hirani 'Vitamin D deficiency among the elderly- a cause for concern!'
05 Aug Bussayasit Pongpichit 'Impacts of Dental Pain and Dental Care on School Absence'
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26 Aug Dr Mimi Bhattacharyya 'Emotion, neuroendocrine function and silent ischaemia inpatients with coronary artery disease'
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07 Oct Emily Williams 'Psychosocial Factors Relating to Cardiovascular Disease Risk in UK Indian Asians'
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04 Nov Dr Saroj Jayasinghe, University of Colombo, 'Health Status in Sri Lanka: exploring a paradox'
18 Nov Dr N Derakhshan, Birkbeck College, 'High anxiety and the repressive coping style: Married but still in denial'
09 Dec Dr Jérôme Adda 'The Effect of Taxes and Bans on Passive Smoking'
16 Dec Jennifer Fidler 'The pattern, correlates and predictors of cigarette smoking in adolescence'

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