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'1pm' Seminar Series

Title: “A comparative study of HIV knowledge, attitude and practices within the Deaf community in Nyanza and Western Counties, Kenya”.

Speaker: Mr Robert Keatley

Date & Time: Friday 12th April 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


Adult HIV prevalence rates have levelled at about 6% in Kenya in recent times. However, marginalised and vulnerable communities on the fringes of society are still very much at risk to infection. People with disabilities - and particularly the Deaf community - are examples of such groups. This PhD will investigate the factors that make Deaf people at risk to HIV infection.  The study will focus on urban and rural Deaf young people (aged 15-30) in 2 provinces of western Kenya and will explore their knowledge, attitude and practices towards HIV/AIDS. 

Mr. Robert Keatley has a Master's Degree in Education for Primary Health Care from the University of Manchester and many years of HIV/AIDS programming work experience in eastern and southern Africa. He is a full-time PhD student under the supervision of Professor Nora Groce and Dr. Maria Kett.

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