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'1pm' Seminar Series

Title: ‘Relationship between selected political factors and oral health inequalities:  a cross-national analysis’

Speaker: Ms Carol Guarnizo-Herreno

Date & Time: Thursday 11th April 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


Measuring and understanding health inequalities remains a research and policy priority worldwide. In health inequalities research, different conceptual models have identified macro-level factors (related to the socioeconomic and political context) as crucial determinants. In particular, the role of political factors on health inequalities has recently received increasing attention. However, very little is known about the relationship between political factors and oral health inequalities. The purpose of this PhD is to assess the relationship between socioeconomic inequalities in oral health and selected political factors (welfare state regimes, public social expenditure, and features of the health care system) in Europe and the USA.

Carol obtained a Bachelor of Dentistry followed by an MSc in Public Health from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is a full-time PhD student under the supervision of Professor Richard Watt, Dr George Tsakos and Professor Aubrey Sheiham. Professor Clare Bambra from Durham University is Carol’s external examiner.

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