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2010 Seminar Series

Speaker: Helen Croker

Title: Evaluation of a ‘Family-Based Behavioural Treatment’ for childhood obesity

Date & Time: Friday 1 October - 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


The primary aim of this thesis is to examine the impact of ‘Family-Based Behavioural Treatment’ (FBBT) for childhood obesity. FBBT is a treatment programme developed in the US by Len Epstein and colleagues. A series of studies have been published over several decades which demonstrate impressive results in the short- and long-term. However, there are a number of limitations to the literature, namely that results are from a single research centre and that samples predominantly comprise white and middle class families. The aims of the current project were to test whether FBBT could be delivered in an ethnically and socially diverse population, within an NHS setting. Pilot work was carried out in 2002-2003 with 33 families. This produced a significant reduction in children’s level of overweight and demonstrated that FBBT was deliverable in the NHS, with participating families and health professionals being very positive about it. A randomised-controlled trial, with 72 participating families, has now been completed to more rigorously evaluate the programme. A range of anthropometric, behavioural and psychosocial outcomes were included. In this presentation, the background and methodology is described along with outcomes relating to the impact of the programme on children’s anthropometric outcomes. A plan of further work to be carried out is also presented.

Helen is a Clinical Research Dietitian in the Health Behaviour Research Centre at UCL. Her principal area of interest is the treatment and prevention of obesity in children and adults. Current projects include 2 NIHR funded projects (one developing and evaluating an intervention for obese women during pregnancy and one evaluating the National Child Measurement Programme), an evaluation of ‘Change for Life’ for the Department of Health, and a project developing and evaluating an obesity-prevention intervention for parents of pre-schoolers.

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