Dr Sharon Friel

Name: Sharon Friel
Email: s.friel@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel:
Position: Fax: +44 (0)20 7813 0242
Department: Epidemiology & Public Health, Div of Population Health Address: Global Health Equity 1 - 19 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HB
Research Theme: Global Health, Population health
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Research & Teaching Profile

Research Interests: Global health inequities, Social determinants, Food systems and health inequities, Urbanisation and health inequities, Climate change and health inequities
Research Description: Dr Friel’s research interests are in global health equity, social determinants of health inequalities, food systems and food security, socio-environmental determinants of non-communicable diseases, urbanisation and health, and more recently health inequalities and climate change. At UCL she directs the 'Global Health Equity' research group and is the principal investigator on a research grant from the Rockefeller Foundation entitled ‘Health equity through action on the social determinants in urban environments in low and middle income countries’; convenes the Healthy Urban Systems research collaboration between NCEPH and CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems in Australia and is a senior member of the NCEPH climate change team looking at the effects of long term drought and drying on rural health in Australia and leads the work on food systems, drought and health inequities.
UCL Collaborators: Michael Marmot, Tarani Chandola, Eric Brunner, Roberto de Vogli, Anthony Costello, Dave McCoy
External Collaborators: The Australian National University, The Rockefeller Foundation, Department of Health and Children England, The World Health Organisation, Eurohealthnet
Conditions: Health inequities, Obesity, Cancers
Methods: Secondary analysis, Synthesis, Population survey methods
Keywords: Climate change, Epidemiology, Global Health, Health Inequities, Public health,
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