Dr Jane Ferrie

Jane Ferrie is a Senior Research Fellow on the Whitehall II study. She joined the department in 1988 as a fieldworker and obtained a PhD in Epidemiology in 1999.

Research interests
Her current research in the department includes the determination and explanation of associations between labour market status and health. The MSc in Social Epidemiology includes a session on this topic, taught by Jane. She is also involved in studies of sickness absence, organisational justice and socioeconomic inequalities in health. In addition she is involved in two ongoing international collaborations; one with researchers from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the other with researchers at the Institute for Psychosocial Medicine in Stockholm.

Key publications
Vahtera J, Kivimäki M, Pentti J, Linna A, Virtanen M, Virtanen P, Ferrie JE ‘Organisational downsizing, sickness absence and mortality: 10 town prospective cohort study’ BMJ 2004;328:555, doi:10.1136/bmj.37972.496262.0D

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