Marta Jackowska

Marta Jackowska (née Bartoszek) - Research associate - Psychobiology Group
Fax: 0207 9168542
Tel: 020 7679 8248
Address: 1 - 19 Torrington Place, London WC1E 6BT
Supervisors: Professor Andrew Steptoe, Dr Hilde Hendrickx (Unilever Discover)

Biographical details:
Marta was awarded a first class honours for her BSc degree in Psychology at Roehampton University in 2007, which was then followed by an MSc in Health Psychology at UCL. After completion of her MSc course in 2008 Marta worked for a year at UCL Health Behaviour Research Centre, which is directed by Professor Jane Wardle.

Marta’s post at the Health Behaviour Research Centre involved co-ordinating two research projects aimed at exploring the issues surrounding cervical screening participation. One of the projects focused on screening participation amongst migrant women from Eastern Europe. The project was based on a qualitative approach, and Marta was involved in data collection and analysis through Framework Analysis. The second project, which endeavoured to explore age differences in screening participation in British women, employed qualitative and quantitative methods. In 2009 Marta was awarded a 4-year BBSRC/ Unilever PhD studentship which is supervised by Professor Andrew Steptoe and Dr Hilde Hendrickx. The project, which is titled: “Sleep, well-being and ageing” aims to answer two key questions: What is the relationship between sleep quality, duration and quality of life and well-being, and do these relationships vary with age? Do sleep quality and duration predict mortality and morbidity at older ages? What biological and behavioural factors contribute to these effects?

Research interests:
Marta’s research interests lie in the field of health psychology, and in particular in the factors that promote well-being in older age. Marta’s interest in ageing has been triggered by her voluntary work for the Alzheimer’s Society, and by her undergraduate research project which explored the relationships between optimism, health behaviours and healthy ageing.

Publication/Conference presentation:

Waller,J., Bartoszek,M., Marlow,L., Wardle,J. (2009). Barriers to cervical cancer screening attendance in England: a population-based survey. Journal of Medical Screening 16, 199-204. ISSN: 0969-1413.

Waller, J., Jackowska, M., Marlow, L., Wardle, J. (2011). Exploring age differences in reasons for nonattendance for cervical screening: a qualitative study. BJOG doi:10.1111/j.1471-0528.2011.03030.x.

Well-being in relation to socio-demographic and health-related variables in a nationally representative sample of British people aged 50 +. Bartoszek, M., McMunn, A. & Steptoe, A. Presentation given at a conference on “Subjective well-being after age 50” held at University of Michigan, US, in March 2010. 

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