NOMINATIONS for the 2015 UCL Awards for Enterprise are now open!

Deadline: 5pm, Fri 20th Feb 2015

UCL Enterprise asks all UCL students and staff to help in honouring UCL’s enterprise activities by putting forth nominations for the 2015 Awards for Enterprise.


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Network wiring

Worldbeating cybersecurity from SQR Systems Ltd

By late 2012, Dr Nithin Thomas, founder and CEO of SQR, knew that his cyber security technology had game-changing potential. Its pioneering software platform combines encryption and compression to provide the best and most secure user experience, regardless of the quality of network connection. It has application across sectors – from defence and critical infrastructure to technology, media and telecoms. More...

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Arthur Kay, Bio-Bean

Founders of bio-bean win €500,000 funding for business expansion

UCL graduate Arthur Kay, co-founder of the coffee grounds recycling company bio-bean, has won the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2014, winning a prize of €500,000 towards the expansion of his business. More...

The Mayor appoints Professor Stephen Caddick to the London Enterprise Panel

We are pleased to confirm that Professor Stephen Caddick has been appointed to the new position on the LEP for a representative of London’s Higher Education sector.

How to respond when the grand vision becomes a cold reality

New ventures are started for many reasons, with one of the most common routes beginning with someone doing a job they like in a big company and thinking they want to do it for themselves, but where do they go from there, asks Timothy Barnes, Director of UCL Enterprise Operations and UCL Advances. More...