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UCL/Business Reporter Medal for Entrepreneurship

UCLBusiness ReporterUCL/Business Reporter Medal for Entrepreneurship

Medal Entrepreneurship Nominees announced

UCL (University College London) is launching the first UCL/Business Reporter Medal for Entrepreneurship to recognise entrepreneurs who have given back to society. We are looking to honour someone who has founded their own successful business and then used their business skills to promote enterprise and provide opportunities for others. The aim is to highlight committed entrepreneurs that have worked to benefit society, not just by writing big cheques, but by making use of their capabilities and experience.

We will hold a judging panel in early December and the award will be presented at an event at UCL in February 2016 with coverage in a future Business Reporter supplement that will be distributed to over 1 million people. Everyone who submits a nomination will be invited to the event.

The criteria for nominations are:

  • Success achieved from entrepreneurial activities – we are looking for someone who has founded and sustained a successful business. Similarly, a candidate who founded a venture capital firm which invested in, and helped grow, multiple start-ups, would also be suitable for consideration.
  • “Giving Back” – candidates must show that they have applied their business skills for the benefit of others. This could include those who apply venture capital investment principles to their charitable giving as well as people who have been actively involved in educating or funding the teaching of entrepreneurship and enterprise. But the important element is that they have done more to be involved than acting only as a funder. Bill Gates has used his knowledge of software engineering to help tackle the spread of viruses, for example, and many business leaders have used their knowledge of managing people to help coach those without role models. These would all be relevant.
  • UK Orientated – The candidate must be active in the UK. They do not need to be of British origin, or live here, but their key business operations and “giving back” activities must be in the UK.
  • Career Success – The candidate must have already achieved significant success in their entrepreneurial career with their financial achievement already secured.

Medal Entrepreneurship Nominees announced

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