UCL Enterprise Annual Review 2012/2013

Whether it's our working with corporations and assisting student entrepreneurs or spinning out research, I hope that you enjoy reading about all our enterprise activities from across UCL in this review.
Stephen Caddick, Vice-Provost (Enterprise)

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28 January 2011: “The Fuel Cell Dilemma”

This week’s guest lecturer was Hal Koyama, CEO of Idatech, a fuel cell manufacturing company founded in 1996. He studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of Oregon and then joined the navy as a Nuclear Submariner for seven years.

27 January 2011: UCL Company Sells for $1bn

Europe’s venture capital community is celebrating a rare $1bn exit of a biotechnology investment, after US-listed Amgen agreed to acquire BioVex, a cancer vaccine developer that spun out of University College London a decade ago. BioVex was founded by Robert Coffin, a former University College London researcher who is now its chief technology officer. More...

24 January 2011: Tech Start-up, can it be done?

Written by Mansour Abdulghaffar and Carolina Mostert
Stephen Crampton, an Engineering graduate from Imperial College London began his talk asking: “Bootstrap tech start-up, can it be done?”. It is worth mentioning that Crampton is the only guest speaker who has been invited for the fourth time to the UCL Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture Series. After graduating, Crampton joined an Imperial start-up with one of his professors, gaining experience before leaving for Insead where he completed their MBA programme.

21 January 2011: Dragons' Den

Dragons' Den gives entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their proposals to a panel of the UK’s most successful business people. More...

17 January 2011: The Future of Presentations: as simple as possible, but not simpler

“Entrepreneurship is not all about money, on the way you can do a lot of fun and interesting things”, as many of the UCL students realised from Sumit Rai’s talk at the opening of the Spring 2011 Guest Lecture Series.

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