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UCL Enterprise Society wins NACUE Enterprise Society of the Year

2 May 2012

The UCL Enterprise Society has won the Enterprise Society of the Year Award at the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) at their recent training conference in London.

UCL Enterprise Society logo

The judge’s decision was based on the outstanding work the UCL Enterprise Society has done in the last year to deliver top quality events, achieve diverse funding, partnerships and memberships, strong engagement with the wider community of student entrepreneurs and working with other enterprise societies.

The Awards, held annually as part of a training conference for entrepreneurs from universities and colleges across the country, were presented in front of an audience of 300 student leaders, sponsors and supporters.

“This Award is absolutely well deserved,” said Tim Barnes, Director of UCL Advances and a Board Member of NACUE. “The Enterprise Society at UCL is one of the most innovative in the country and, through UCL’s global student body, has become a magnet for some of the world’s best and brightest budding entrepreneurs.”

"It is a tremendous honour to have won the Society of the Year Award,” added Ahmad Bakhiet, President of the UCL Enterprise Society. “All our committee members have done incredible things both individually and collaboratively. With such a talented team I've learned that it's from the support of others that truly exceptional things happen - our award is well deserved and I feel privileged to have led such a momentous year for the society."